Enterprise Portals Report" joins line-up of acclaimed reports from CMS Watch, including recently released 9th Edition CMS Report

31 March, 2006 -- Silver Spring, MD, USA and Aarhus, Denmark -- The latest research from CMS Watch finds enterprise portal technology buyers struggling with adoption -- as diverse portal products target different use-cases, and customers grapple with oft-immature tools, persistent performance bottlenecks, implementation delays, cost overruns, and poor usability.

The Enterprise Portals Report was released today by CMS Watch (www.cmswatch.com), an independent analyst firm that evaluates content technologies for prospective solutions buyers. The report provides a comprehensive overview of best practices and detailed, comparative surveys of 13 portal products.

CMS Watch adds this research to its growing library of reports, including The CMS Report authored by noted CMS analyst Tony Byrne. Released in its 9th Edition in February 2006, organizations worldwide have used The CMS Report to assist with technology selection. CMS Watch has seen a significant increase in report purchases across Europe over the past 18 months, and anticipates favorable European response to the Enterprise Portals Report.

Based on more than 60 interviews with enterprise portal customers and integrators worldwide, the new Enterprise Portals Report examines six use-cases: Web Publishing, Self-service, Collaboration, Enterprise Intranet, Transactional E-business, and Enterprise Integration.

Key findings include:

- Portal technology vendors target divergent use-cases, and no single platform excels across the broad spectrum of portal applications. For example, while Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server has seen tremendous growth on the strength of its Collaboration facilities, it is a comparatively poor platform for Enterprise Integration. Conversely, BEA WebLogic Portal offers strong E-business capabilities, but may not be well suited for Collaboration and Enterprise Intranet use-cases.

- Despite supplier consolidation, portal software remains a comparatively immature technology, with vendors and customers alike struggling to address chronic performance problems, usability shortcomings, and low adoption rates. While all major vendors have serious portal offerings, no dominant vendors exist.

- Several prominent products are slated for major upgrades this year. This will translate into opportunities for customers, but also disruption and potentially expensive upgrades.

- Open-source portal projects offer serious alternatives to commercial products, but tend to focus on Web Publishing and Collaboration over more Transactional use-cases.

- Portal solutions are often acquired at the senior executive level, with lukewarm welcome at departmental levels. Buyers have a hard time understanding the impact of technical and non-technical changes that a portal project introduces.

Danish IT consultant Janus Boye (www.boyeit.dk) served as the report’s lead analyst. “Portal purchasers struggle with conflicting product definitions and often purchase portal technology without clearly understanding it,” he stated. “Enterprises painfully discover that portal solutions are much less out-of-the-box than expected. Many face challenges due to misaligned requirements, underestimated implementation costs, or overestimated user adoption rates.”

"There are real differences among the various portal vendors," added Byrne, "and customers should carefully examine a product's 'fit' against their particular use-cases before committing to a portal platform."

CMS Watch does not rank "best" vendors, but instead provides reports to detail the strengths and weaknesses of various suppliers, identify vendor suitability for different use-cases, and isolate vendor tendencies that may influence longer-term product roadmaps.

CMS Watch reports are available at http://www.cmswatch.com/?source=e-consultancy. Discounted pricing applies when purchasing both the Enterprise Portal Report and the latest CMS Report.

About CMS Watch
CMS Watch™ is an analyst firm serving as an independent source for advice on purchasing content technologies. CMS Watch evaluations cover enterprise content management, portal, search, and records management offerings. Highly detailed reports help sort out the complex landscape of various solutions so project teams can minimize time and effort in identifying and evaluating technologies. CMS Watch retains its independence as a vendor-neutral firm by working solely for solution buyers and never for the vendors it covers.

Published on: 12:00AM on 31st March 2006