Driven Technology Solutions (DrivenTS™) has been launched by Driven Systems to provide solutions to mid-market companies in what will be a time of transformation in business technology.

What’s New?
IT companies have been taking various products, linking them together and selling them as solutions to businesses for a long time, but until now the larger technology corporations have resisted this approach.

Now that the big companies are finally creating business solutions specifically for the mid-market; the implications are that business IT will never be the same again.

New and more versatile technology means that the face of mid-market business in the UK will be transforming at a rapid rate. Companies now have the opportunity to become more agile and more efficient than ever before.

In this environment of change DrivenTS™ offers strategic and technological expertise to help companies make the right choices and sharpen their competitive edge.

Consultancy Approach
Our working partnerships with the world leaders in software and network technology mean we have an advanced understanding of the potential of new and up-coming business technologies

Using a consultative approach, DrivenTS™ are uniquely placed to unite the long term strategic business goals of each client with the most appropriate software, network and infrastructure solutions.

They Say
Graham Sherry, founder of DrivenTS™ says this about the new services:

“These are exciting times for mid-market companies; finally managers will have access to technology that makes sense in terms of their practical business needs. The best news is that new solutions can be implemented with minimum disruption. The goal of DrivenTS™ is to ensure that all of our clients succeed.”

DrivenTS™ are happy to discuss the needs of businesses and to identify areas where technology could make your business work better for you.

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DrivenTS™ are certified by the biggest names in software and develops partnerships to deliver the best IT solutions.

Based in Brighton and part of Driven Systems, DrivenTS™ is headed by Graham Sherry and his core team.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 12th April 2006