Today, 10th April 2006, the King Solomons Poker brand is proud to announce it will be funding the Olympic journey and hopes of bright, young gymnast Ben Brown.

Following his part in a successful London bid for the 2012 games, where Brown was even featured in the official campaign artwork “vaulting the Gherkin building”, but has now been left devastated after funding was cut and he was forced to return to work, leaving any hopes and dreams of Olympic success behind.

In a recent radio interview Brown had said:
“There is no way I can continue to train while I am working full-time. It's just not feasible. When you've been at work all day, by the time you get to the gym it's not really worth it. Your mind's not on it and you're tired.
"We train in the school hall at the moment in Sutton. It's not the ideal environment - we haven't even got full-time access and need new equipment.
"We're not asking for much but anything would help and hopefully spur me on and persuade me to go the Olympics."

In a reply to his plea for help, King Solomons Poker stepped forward and will be providing the necessary funding for Ben to enter back into full-time training and stride onwards to the next Olympic Games on Beijing as well as a performance related bonus structure as an added incentive.

Head of Group Marketing for King Solomons – Keren Fuchs said:

“I read about Ben’s story in the media and I then started making phone calls to see if I could get to him. I had to make quite a few but eventually managed to catch up with him. We invited him over to our offices and spoke about him and his ambitions. I never really doubted that we were going to sponsor him. He is a fantastic young man and we’re delighted to help him achieve his dreams.”


For further information please contact:

James Williamson 0207 436 3633

Published on: 12:00AM on 12th April 2006