David Robert Michael to shape new business strategy for the UK’s largest product-led new media sales house

Phenomenal growth at Utarget plc sees the appointment of David Robert Michael as Strategic Business Development Manager. Oxford graduate Michael joins the senior team with several years’ experience in online marketing at Yell.com where he developed and launched the flagship Site Builder and built key strategic distribution partnerships with MSN, Freeserve, Yahoo and AOL.

Michael, whose remit includes marketing communications and the management of cross discipline project teams, will work alongside Utarget plc founder and Managing Director, Phil Cooper, to shape and deliver a new business strategy that will evolve and grow the business at pace.

Phil Cooper comments: “We are keen to maintain Utarget’s rapid growth and have already developed several new initiatives including a number of niche community-centred sites for travel, finance, and the youth and health sectors that will build on the success of 50connect, our award winning portal for the over 45s.

“We have grown organically as a sales and revenue centred organisation and we are keen to develop new accounts and marketing assessment systems within the organisation. David Robert Michael’s broad experience in product and partnership development at Yell.com will be invaluable as we expand our unique integrated online advertising offering which includes UTsubsites, UTcontextual and UTinterstitials, and as we consider potential growth through venture capital investment.”

Established in 1998, Utarget plc and its divisions, Utarget Media and Utarget Networks provide advertisers and their agencies with distinctive and unique online advertising propositions, utilising owned and externally managed networks, ad technology and media to deliver web advertising opportunities.

Commenting on the need to make online advertising more cost efficient and effective, Michael comments: “As website users become more sophisticated Utarget has maintained its market edge because of its targeted brand, media and advertising offering which is proven to provide a real return on investment to clients.”

Utarget manages combined networks across 500 top UK websites that reach more than 15 million unique users per month. It has an annual turnover of £2.5 million and an extensive client portfolio which includes FT.com, AOL, First Direct, Norwich Union, Dixons, Carphone Warehouse, Bupa and Royal Mail as well as a number of other FMCG companies.


Editor’s notes

About Utarget plc
Trading for five years, with an annual turnover of £2.5m, Utarget plc is one of the UK’s largest product-led, new media sales houses.

The company provides advertisers, and their agencies, with distinctive and unique methods of advertising online. Utarget plc utilises owned and externally managed networks, ad technology and media to deliver web advertising opportunities. The premise behind its range of activities is to offer brands, media and advertising that are targeted, effective and proven to work.

The division, Utarget, represents the company’s network of advertising products from subsites, UTsubs, through to contextual, UTcontextual, advertising. Products are primarily based on full screen web advertising using a variety of owned, managed and proprietary networks. The combined networks are managed across 500 of the UK’s top websites, reaching more than 15million users a month (57% of the internet population).

The UTmedia division houses online consumer-centric media owned by the company (such as Travelconnect), alongside niche media that is managed by the company (50Connect). UTmedia also sells advertising inventory for a catalogue of carefully selected websites.

The company manages campaigns for FT.com, Dell, Dixons, BUPA, Carphone Warehouse, Norwich Union, AOL and Royal Mail through well-known agencies including Diffiniti, Initiative, Harvest, Mediavest, Quantum, MGOMD, Carat, Zed and Agency.com. Advertisers, such as Partypoker, Betfair, Mercury direct and Alertacall, are managed direct through Utarget.


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Published on: 12:00AM on 19th April 2006