Edinburgh-based user experience consultancy User Vision has this week become the first commercial organisation in Scotland to provide leading-edge ‘eye tracking’ technology for web site and product usability and accessibility evaluation.

User Vision will now be able to complement its usability and accessibility work by effectively ‘reading the mind’ of users by following their eye movements as they interact with a web site or product. The system is fully portable, therefore allowing the company to take eye-tracking to its clients in any part of the UK and overseas.

User Vision will be offering eye-tracking to all of its existing clients as part of its usability and accessibility consultancy work. Additionally, the technology allows the company to broaden its range of services by offering, for example, advertising agencies the capability of gauging the impact of advertising creative; and web site publishers the ability to assess the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. It also allows User Vision to work more effectively with a wider variety of applications and platforms including PDA’s, mobile phones, interactive TV and video games.

Chris Rourke, Director of User Vision comments:
“Eye tracking takes usability consultancy to another level. When we conduct a usability evaluation we observe how a user interacts with something, and listen to their comments on what they are doing. When we add the third element of actually seeing where their eyes focus - what they see, and more importantly what they don’t see - it brings an entirely new dimension which creates an even richer picture of the user’s thought process. The added beauty of this non-intrusive system is that unlike others we are not just restricted to using this in our labs – we can take it out to our clients anywhere in the world.”

The addition of eye-tracking to User Vision’s portfolio amounts to one of the most comprehensive service portfolios in the UK and Europe. The company is now one of very few user experience consultancies to offer remote viewing of usability testing over the internet, focus group studios, market research facilities and now leading-edge eye tracking technology.

About User Vision
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Published on: 12:00AM on 15th June 2006