SiteMorse announce their latest release includes support for testing the contents of files in Adobe PDF format. SiteMorse can now perform twenty eight (28) checks on PDF documents to ensure users do not experience problems such as broken links, or failing email addresses. SiteMorse are the first to test whether or not PDFs are utilising the accessibility features provided by Adobe.

SiteMorse offers a number of tests while it ‘reads’ through the contents of PDF documents in order to discover embedded hyperlinks. Any links found are then followed and thoroughly examined in the standard manner for any other link found on a SiteMorse tested site.

SiteMorse can detect many different kinds of problem with embedded hyperlinks, and additionally will contact mail servers to verify that addresses provided in ‘mailto:’ links are correct and functional.

Problems found in PDF documents, as well as appearing in the usual diagnostics list as appropriate for the particular error encountered, are also separately identified in the ‘Additional Findings’ section on the ‘Function’ tab of the SiteMorse report.

Accessibility – “Tagged PDF” files

Adobe PDF files are not always accessible to users with disabilities. However, the format specification does provide features which enable document authors to ensure that their PDF documents are accessible to all users, by including “tags” within the file indicating the logical document structure and reading order. SiteMorse identifies PDF files which do not include these tags, so that they can be inspected for accessibility compliance and corrective action taken as appropriate.

Untagged PDF files are identified in the ‘Additional Findings’ section on the ‘Accessibility’ tab of the SiteMorse report

Existing clients on contract will receive the new service at no charge for the remainder of their contract term; new clients will have the option to take PDF testing at an additional charge

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Published on: 12:00AM on 15th June 2006