Many web projects are run by the marketing team, often assigned to someone who also has a day job to do. Full scale project management on the scale of Prince 2 is not a core marketing skill but getting results is. So how do busy client marketers square that circle?

“Digital marketers need a simple but effective process and some basic tools to enable them to spec out their project fully, schedule the work realistically to avoid false expectations and to manage the team of people working on the project (who can be quite a mixed bunch)” says Sonia Kay, one of the trainers running Project Skills for Digital Marketers.

“Agencies have processes and procedures for their own section of the work, but on the client side, the marketing team are left to work out for themselves how to join that up with the technical team, the content providers and of course the budget holders.. We can help with this,our approach provides a structure and a reasonable amount of documentation, enough to give the marketers control but not so much that their day is swallowed up in paper work” adds Sarah Alder, co-trainer.

By providing a concise, practical approach to project management and giving each delegate a full set of tools to take away and use on their own projects, this course is excellent value for money. The day is very interactive and having two trainers makes it very responsive to the experience and needs of the delegates.
Sarah and Sonia have developed the course based on their own 20+ years of managing digital projects, for a wide range of organisations, working both client side and in agencies.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 19th September 2008