Visually Targeted E-mail Campaign Has Highest Click-Through Rate Ever for Annual Summit

NOVATO, Calif. —June 29, 2006 — Scene7®, provider of the leading on-demand rich media platform, today announced that (, the association for retailers online, in its second year utilizing Scene7’s rich media platform to increase response rates and attendance at its Annual Summit recorded higher click-through rates and responses than with any other e-mail campaign for this event.

Two years ago, utilized Scene7 to dynamically generate a multi-channel personalized e-mail and print postcard campaign for its 2004 Annual Summit. After experiencing a 200 percent increase in registrations that year, further leveraged Scene7’s technology for the 2005 Summit marketing campaign by adding segmentation to its personalized e-mail campaign—achieving unsurpassed results in back-to-back years. The success of these campaigns is driving a complete personalized, segmented and multi-channel campaign for the 2006 Annual Summit. set out to increase response and attendance rates for its 2005 Annual Summit and build its awareness and memberships while standing out from the clutter of mass marketing, and, without using additional resources. created a series of visually personalized, segmented e-mails with different offers and content. The campaign included several e-mails with different pieces for members and prospects and messages relevant to each. Recipients were invited to register or join as a new member. The initial creative featured three different visual elements—personalized sunglasses, a personalized mouse pad or a megaphone. And, to add impact, using Scene7’s dynamic personalization capabilities, dynamically inscribed every recipient’s name onto the main image in stylized, shrink-to-fit text rather than having to rely on simple HTML text or extensive manual graphic editing for the personalization.

Scene7’s dynamic personalization for targeted e-mail campaigns enabled to cost-effectively segment and personalize its offers—making each e-mail contact relevant to the recipient. dynamically generated personalized e-mails sent to thousands of prospects and members without increasing its resources. The return on investment from this campaign and the 2004 campaign were so significant that is utilizing Scene7 for its multi-channel campaign to drive attendance and awareness at its 2006 Annual Summit, scheduled for October 10-12 in New York.

"By combining a compelling offer with Scene7's segmentation and personalization we experienced one of the highest click-through rates ever for any e-mail campaign series," said Max Shu Teasdale, Vice President, Marketing, "Our Annual Summit registration increased significantly. We are launching a similar personalization campaign for our 2006 Summit in October and look forward to similar positive results.”

The segmented, personalized e-mails sent out for the 2005 Summit had a 39 percent higher click-through rate than mass e-mails with offers and a 70 percent higher click-through rate than the mass e-mails with no offers.

Scene7 can dynamically apply any stylized font and visual effect such as drop shadow, glow, rotate and contour to any length text string and have it automatically size to fit within a specified area on an image. Any data-driven variable information including customer profiles, product-specific attributes (such as name or price), and promotional offers can be cost-effectively generated on the fly and delivered via any e-mail vendor. Scene7 enables companies to quickly and easily deliver highly-targeted, visual e-mail campaigns that increase open and click-through rates and drive multi-channel sales – without putting a strain on technical resources and avoiding additional production costs.

“We see and its members setting standards for online retailing and demonstrating the impact of personally-relevant, multi-channel campaigns,” said Doug Mack, CEO of Scene7. “As a member of, we are thrilled to be collaborating with them as they derive continued positive business results from the dynamic personalization capabilities of our rich media platform.”

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Published on: 12:00AM on 29th June 2006