DoubleClick Inc., the premier provider of digital advertising technology and services, today announced that it has acquired Klipmart, the nation’s largest provider of online video advertising and management solutions for web publishers, agencies, and marketers. The deal puts DoubleClick at the forefront of the rapidly emerging online video market and will accelerate industry innovation in digital video and emerging advertising formats.

Klipmart brings to DoubleClick a strong record of creative innovation, video service and relationships with the community of creative agencies. The combination of those assets with DoubleClick’s industry-leading ad management and workflow platform for digital media creates a comprehensive rich media product suite for video and non-video enhanced ad units. Klipmart products and technologies will remain available to all clients on both DART and non-DART platforms.

The deal highlights DoubleClick’s commitment to providing a digital media platform integrating the management and measurement of all rich media, display and search channels. Media agencies will benefit from a combined source of technology, service and reporting through the integration of Klipmart’s video and DoubleClick’s DART Motif and DART ad management technologies. Creative agencies will continue to benefit from the video advertising innovation and flexibility from Klipmart’s customer service and quality assurance, backed by DoubleClick’s operational reliability, global reach, scalability and technology infrastructure.

Klipmart CEO Chris Young becomes Executive Vice President of Rich Media for DoubleClick and will report to DoubleClick CEO, David Rosenblatt. Young, who co-founded Klipmart in 2000 with Tristan Amzallag and Maria Klink, has successfully built it into a leading video advertising specialist. Amzallag and Klink also join DoubleClick’s product management and service teams.

DoubleClick is committed to investing in and continuing to grow its rich media team, which now accounts for more than 100 people globally.
In addition, DoubleClick will launch an Innovation Lab that will lead the industry in the development of new creative video concepts to multiple digital platforms.

Through this deal, DART Motif customers are expected to benefit from the expanded capacity that Klipmart’s highly-regarded service team of video specialists brings. This team is focused on the accurate and timely production of highly complex and innovative campaigns. In the last year, Klipmart has successfully executed over 1000 video campaigns on behalf of blue chip marketers, media and creative agencies.

“Klipmart has a superb reputation of creative innovation and video service,” said Ben Regensburger, President DoubleClick International. “Combining these strengths with DoubleClick’s industry leadership, insight and global ad management platform will accelerate industry innovation in digital video and emerging advertising formats.”

Klipmart has focused on popularising online video and its product suite is widely accepted by the web’s premier publishers and interactive agencies, many of whom are also customers of DoubleClick. Leveraging DoubleClick’s global market place presence, technological resources and R&D investments, the Klipmart innovation team will be well positioned to deliver video advertising across all electronic consumer platforms.

“Its global market place presence, technological resources and R&D investments, make DoubleClick the industry standard in digital marketing. The DoubleClick team demonstrated a remarkable commitment to accelerate industry innovation and to create a combined platform to deliver video advertising across all electronic consumer platforms,” said Chris Young, CEO of Klipmart. “Joining forces with DoubleClick gives us the unique opportunity to integrate the management and measurement of all rich media, display and search channels, providing customers with a combined source of digital marketing technology, service and reporting.”

Klipmart was represented by The Jordan, Edmiston Group, Inc., a New York City based investment bank that specialises in the media and information industries. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 29th June 2006