Only 22 sites tested achieved the minimal accessibility standard

Front of Mind and SiteMorse have joined together to produce the first ever web rankings for companies in the FTSE Mid-250 Index.

Continuing in the Autumn we will be producing a comprehensive study of website performance, user trends, legal developments, industry standards and technical issues.

This benchmark study will be released twice a year, and will chart ongoing performance of FTSE 250 companies, highlighting those that significantly improve online communications and audience reach.

To mark the beginning of the research project, we have produced a summary report showing the current state of web performance by FTSE 250 companies.

It makes uncomfortable reading.

* Ninety per cent of FTSE 250 company sites failing to meet minimum legal accessibility standards
* They are not addressing an audience with an annual spending power of £80 billion
* Tests found sites with thousands of coding issues and missing pages - one with more than 70,000 errors
* Businesses are failing to see the value benefits of accessible communication

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Published on: 12:00AM on 30th June 2006