- Web 2.0 technology brings new sophistication to audience engagement -

Email marketing software company Lyris Technologies has expanded its business with the opening of a UK office. The first task of the London-based operation will be to launch Lyris ListManager 9.0 into the UK market. The sophisticated new tool has been developed on the advanced technology principles of Web 2.0 and will assist marketer to maximise the potential of their email campaigns.

UK customers will benefit from advanced A/B split testing to determine the version of an email that will be most successful with its target audience. They will also profit from the fastest send out speed in the UK — ListManager can handle 500,000 emails per hour.

ListManager 9.0 evaluates the effectiveness of an email campaign in captivating its audience, far ahead of the traditional count of opens, clicks and conversions. An index is created, against which the effects of revisions and new programmes can be measured and content optimised to increase response to information distributed.

In addition, ListManager provides a ‘dashboard’ that summarises at a glance the results of all mailings. Users can instantly check the “health” of their member lists and from there replicate successful activity or rectify programmes where subscribers are shrinking.

Andrew Robinson, managing director, Lyris UK, comments: “ListManager 9.0 has been designed so that customers can continually test, measure and analyse their email campaigns from every conceivable angle. From there they can truly understand how to communicate most effectively with each niche sector of their target audience, thereby promoting genuine and effective customer relationship management.”

Luis Rivera, CEO of Lyris Technologies says: “The UK is a strategically critical market for Lyris, and we now have the foundations in place to ramp up our operations in the region. With its combination of highly sophisticated technology and easy-to-use interface, ListManager 9.0 is the ideal tool to demonstrate our commitment to current customers, as well as attract new ones.”

Founded in 1994 in the USA, Lyris has operated remotely to provide its products and services in the UK for three years, winning business with customers including Arsenal Football Club and VNU Business Publications.

Additional information on ListManager 9.0:

ListManager 9.0 embraces Web 2.0 technology
ListManager 9.0 was developed based on the principles of Web 2.0, using a combination of AJAX and Flash, ensuring that our application is based on the most advanced technology available today. The use of Flash in building the application means that new data populates automatically, without having to refresh the page.

Advanced A/B split-testing
ListManager's wizard-driven split-tests lets users go beyond A/B splits to test up to ten different versions of their message. Users can test different subject line, content, or offer to determine the most effective version.

The new features of ListManager A/B Split-Testing include:
• Randomly generated test segments
• Concurrent sending of test email
• Comparative reporting on a variety of metrics, such as subscribes, unsubscribes, opens, clickthroughs, and purchases
• Easy to use, wizard-driven functionality for creating and running your tests

New engagement index
This tool comprehensively evaluates how effective a campaign has been in engaging its audience. The data provided becomes a benchmark, providing users a basis from which they can compare different campaigns. Users utilize this data when creating new campaigns, in order to optimise their messages for the highest possible customer response. Using data on opens, clickthroughs, unsubscribes, forwards, and resulting transactions, the Engagement Index uses a formula to weigh each action and generates a numerical value for how well the message engaged the receiver, based on those actions.

New report dashboard
The Report Dashboard provides summary information on campaign results, showing at a glance the most recent mailings and resulting metric trends, such as clicks, unsubscribes, and the engagement index value. The calendaring function allows users to view campaigns by date and date range, showing the frequency of published campaigns. Data on membership "health" -- opens, clicks, engagement, number of transactions, and dollar totals -- helps users to evaluate if their list is shrinking or growing and gives other data regarding recipients' actions.

The new features of ListManager's Report Dashboard include:
• Charts that detail mailings per month, and open and clickthrough rates
• Total number of transactions and total revenue generated
• List of top performing mailings, by purchases
• Server performance in terms of bandwidth and messages sent per minute

High-powered mail queue
We've increased the efficiency of bounce processing and click tracking, dramatically boosting our overall sending speeds. With 9.0, marketers can expect sending speeds up to six times faster. The process to detect duplicate addresses (for example, members who are on multiple lists) has also been reengineered, resulting in processing speeds from two to ten times faster.


About Lyris Technologies
Founded in 1994, Lyris Technologies provides leading-edge email marketing software solutions to over 5,000 customers worldwide. Its suite of products, led by flagship product ListManager, offers powerful tools for opt-in email marketing, list management, database segmentation, and deliverability assurance. Lyris offers both hosted and software versions for publishing email campaigns, newsletters, and discussion groups. Its commitment to permission-based marketing, outstanding deliverability rates, and our extremely positive ISP relations make Lyris' solutions among the best-selling email marketing applications on the market. Headquartered in Emeryville, California, Lyris Technologies, is a subsidiary of the J.L. Halsey Corporation (OTCBB:JLHY - News) and has UK offices in London. For more information, please visit www.lyris.co.uk

For more information, please contact:

Kate Alexander
Lyris PR (UK)
Tel: +44 (0)20 883 5795
Email: kalexander@iconicnet.co.uk

Published on: 12:00AM on 3rd July 2006