Business in Berkshire would like to publish your story FREE on our new 'UK Business Networks' web space.

So if you have an interesting story about your network and how it has benefited your members or others, please send it to us along with a suitable picture.

All we ask in return is that you publish OUR story either on your web space or by some other means within your networking organisation.

Since launching in 2002, Business in Berkshire has become a highly successful online community aimed at bringing businesses together in and around the Berkshire area.

We believe in the power of effective networking both on and offline. Many of our members and readers belong to networking organisations. Indeed several networking groups have set up accounts with BinB and use our web space regularly to publicise their networking events, meetings, and seminars.

As business people committed to networking, we all share a desire to connect as widely, as efficiently, and as quickly as possible. To this end we have created some space on the Internet which we have called

Its purpose is to connect up people involved in business communities and networks.

To mark the launch of, we are offering a great opportunity for other business networks to connect with Business in Berkshire. Just add our story to your website, distribute it to your members via email or your chosen method (quarterly magazine, etc) and we will reciprocate by pushing your story out to our readers and web visitors from across the globe.

40,000 web visitors can't be wrong!

The Next Steps
Publish our story "Business in Berkshire and Beyond…" to your network and we will reciprocate.

We will add your story to our website and publish this via our newsletter to over 3000 business readers. Our website receives nearly 40,000 web visitors a month and is a favourite of Google and his pals!

If you prefer to talk, call Jon Davey on 01753 852904.

Find pdf for story here:

Published on: 12:00AM on 4th July 2006