Focus on online marketing ROI

Amsterdam, 20 May 2006 - Nedstat announces the release of new advanced campaign analytics in Sitestat 5. More than 20 new reports provide users with a detailed insight into conversion and ROI from their online marketing initiatives. In addition, reporting on visitor navigation and the funnel functionality for evaluating critical processes have been significantly improved.

The new campaign reports allow users to closely monitor the performance of all campaigns and other customer acquisition activities. With the new cost insertion capability, reports not only show conversion but also conversion cost and ROI. The search engine marketing reports compare the results of natural and paid links. The success of all online marketing spend is shown in overviews of the performance of all channels, including search, e-mail and RSS.

The new Click path explorer is an interactive report for better insight into visitor navigation. After selecting a clickpath, the user can add or remove pages with a single click and see instantly how many visitors followed this new path, how they arrived there and what they did next.

The existing Funnel reports have also been extended. It is now possible to monitor traffic flow not only between single pages but between groups of pages as well. This feature allows for traffic analysis at a higher level and can be applied to current and historical data at any time.

The usability of Sitestat has been further improved. An instant suggest function has been added to the report builder that prompts users for a particular page name. This new feature makes the creation of reports much faster and reduces the risk of mistakes when specifying parameters.

Michael Kinsbergen, CEO: “Our clients are increasing their online marketing budgets and need to see the results of their initiatives. Whether it is search, e-mail, banners or RSS, every campaign across every channel has a cost and a return. With the new campaign reports, our users get a detailed real-time insight into the return on their marketing spend.”

Today’s release is the third significant Sitestat improvement in 2006. Nedstat provides Sitestat software as a service so all clients will benefit immediately. In order to better express these continuous improvements, Sitestat will now use release dates instead of version numbers.

For more information, please contact: Nedstat Ltd, Linda McDougall, phone +44 (0)20 7841 1544, e-mail

Published on: 12:00AM on 21st May 2006