Serco Usability Services has been investigating how users react to this first generation of mobile television products, and is offering a one-day workshop to discuss this new field. The workshop will reveal the results of this research, and explore methods for designing and conducting user research for emerging technologies such as mobile TV.

The design and development of mobile TV services involves unique user research and usability challenges. While best practice for digital iTV and mobile interfaces is well established, mobile television ties these fields together, and in doing so presents new issues. How can designers harness the potential of these new integrated technologies to provide products and services that are both usable and useful? What are users’ expectations of mobile TV, and how are current services measuring up?

On 21st June 2006 Serco Usability Services will run a pioneering hands-on workshop which looks in detail at the emerging technology of mobile TV, the usability issues for current mobile TV services, and best practice advice on how organisations can maximise the potential of new technologies through a user-centred approach.

The course brings together the findings of a recent independent research studies carried out by Serco’s consultants. The course was developed by Andrew Swartz and Kate McCluskey.

Kate McCluskey says, “Studying emerging technologies requires techniques not only to capture how users react to their first glimpse of a new product, but also to expose how their needs are likely to evolve as the product becomes more familiar. The course explores techniques for understanding how the product can be developed for both existing users and the many potential users who have yet to experience mobile TV, and who may even be ignorant of its existence”.

Andrew Swartz adds, “There’s no doubt that there are elements of current services which need improvement from the user’s perspective, such as the need for an effective programme browsing function. In this course we try to look beyond identifying the usability problems, to offer best practice advice on how organisations can employ user-centred techniques effectively when developing and introducing emerging technologies. Through coupling our methodological experience with our independent research, we’ve produced a course which is not only insightful but also offers practical lessons to take away.”

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Published on: 12:00AM on 24th May 2006