OTTO UK Lowers New Customer Acquisition Costs by 100 Percent Using
Scene7 eCatalog Solution

Customers Browsing via eCatalog Have Higher Conversion Rate by 2X

NOVATO, CA — Scene7®, provider of the leading on-demand rich media platform, today announced that UK home shopping brand Kaleidoscope (owned by OTTO UK) is utilising Scene7’s on-demand eCatalog solution to acquire new online shoppers at acquisition costs that are approximately 100 percent less than previous methods. Kaleidoscope also found that these newly acquired online catalogue shoppers had a higher conversion rate by 2X in a recent A/B e-mail test.

During the Christmas season, Kaleidoscope put its mail-order catalogue online for the first time using Scene7’s on-demand eCatalog solution. “We wanted to give our shoppers another option to browse our merchandise online. In addition, we were looking to further leverage our catalogue layouts on the Web as they are both time consuming and costly to create,” stated Chris Poad, Head of E-Commerce at OTTO UK. “We were looking at several eCatalog service providers but selected Scene7 as we were already utilising its solution to serve all product imagery and zoom across our Web site. In addition, Scene7 is the only provider that offered our team the flexibility to choose either a full-service or self-service publishing option. We are currently evaluating long-term whether we will create and publish our own eCatalogs in-house as we know this will be our lowest cost approach in the long-term.”

One of four UK brands owned by OTTO Group, the world's largest home shopping corporation, Kaleidoscope, provides 40+ year old female shoppers with an intimate, boutique buying experience with all the choice of a department store. Kaleidoscope sells womens’ fashion, accessories and home products carefully chosen for quality, style, and/or fit. Kaleidoscope distributes millions of beautifully designed print catalogues a year thus, Kaleidescope wanted to make these available online to its important catalogue shoppers. “Rather than directing new customers to our homepage, our online catalog provides a more guided approach to our online merchandise, which we think is particularly important to our new online shoppers,” explained Poad. “Our Christmas sales were up more than 25 percent versus a year ago, and we attribute this to adding Scene7 technology. We recently launched our Spring/Summer 2006 catalog and anticipate similar results.”
Scene7 offers the only end-to-end eCatalog solution to easily and cost-effectively create an enhanced Web version of existing printed marketing materials – driving multi-channel sales. Scene7 customers benefit from complete implementation flexibility as its eCatalog solution is the only solution available as an in-house license, on-demand self service and full-service offering.

"The results Kaleidoscope is experiencing with our eCatalog on-demand offering is a testament to the power of providing consumers with a multi-channel shopping experience,” said Doug Mack, CEO of Scene7. “We look forward to further expanding our catalog services to more of OTTO Group’s brands as they continue to deploy innovative methods to acquire new customers.”

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Published on: 12:00AM on 25th May 2006