At Business in Berkshire we preach a no nonsense approach to online marketing management.

At the end of the day the most successful search engine will be the one that finds the best results for the person doing the search. If the users come back again and again, then the chances are the search engine has it right.

Today we’re all obsessed with Google. With over 40% share of the search market and online marketing manager needs to make it happy. On a localised level, if a community website addresses the needs of it’s users, then it’s reasonable to assume that it’s members will search the community first, then go off to alternatives i.e. Google.

As the search engines begin to protect their pay per click revenue streams and switch focus on corporate agendas rather than consumer needs, which I forecast will happen. Then the community sites that present information in a user friendly way, changing focus within itself depending on the user’s needs, will be the ones that lead the future. With kids requiring some fast action, right here, right now or the more mature user preferring a more leisurely format.

Users control the internet, not those with the flashiest widgets today and may all those involved not forget that. They change with the seasons, literally! And to ensure they stick around you need to change with them, not try and lead.

This afternoon I was reading a post for an online marketing manager on e-consultancy. They were looking for sources of contacts. I offered up our services (LiaiseOnline / Business in Berkshire) as a means of accessing potential. Some of our readers being in the online marketing space and our quality content being attractive to the search engines, ensuring relevant pages pop up when key word searches are done.

I thought, let’s give this a try and post an article entitled online marketing managment in different locations and see which produces the best online marketing results.

I will post this article on,, and and let’s see what happens.

If you’re reading this and want to join in, post the story to your website, add your url and send us the url at, to the first page you read with this content, and we’ll add your link to those below.

I had an image handy. Antony created it the other day for a DirectNews story about a presentation in Liverpool… didn’t work for me in respect to BinB so didn’t publish but figured we could use the picture for this story… waste not, want not!

Will the search engines keep the page at the top, move it down gently or simply kick it out of play as we’re not a recruitment company. Hopefully it will sense we are an online community and entitled to run with such a subject line.

Anyway, we’ll monitor the engines and the pages and see when it first appears and what goes on. We’ll launch it all this evening and show the results below day by day.

Please visit url below for results:

Published on: 12:00AM on 28th May 2006