The UK’s first online TV advertising network runs campaign on

Allows unique full screen TV adverts without interfering with host site or the need to manually download

Utarget plc, the internet advertising and media group, launches the UK’s first online TV advertising network with an Ocean Finance campaign that will run on until the end of May.

The newly launched UTVsubs network will carry full page TV adverts that can stream up to 60 seconds of superior screen size footage, as well as capture data such as email registration. Visitors who view the TV advert will be routed to a campaign splash page or brand homepage on completion.

“TV advertisers can transfer existing material and use UTVsubs’ existing network of more than 500 UK websites to target online audiences against behaviours or demographics. It’s another opportunity for agencies to give their clients an edge over their competitors.” says Phil Cooper, CEO at Utarget plc.

UTVsubs builds on the already successful subsite proposition established by Utarget Networks, the internet advertising division of Utarget plc, which reaches more than 15 million users on sites such as ITV, Moneyextra and Autotrader on behalf of advertisers such as Dell, AOL and MBNA.

Unlike other online TV ad offerings, UTVsubs adverts do not take up space on the host site or rely on the user to manually download. The full screen advert discreetly downloads an initial buffer behind the launch site, ensuring the user is not interrupted.

Working with partner Macromedia, Utarget plc has developed a seamless platform that can run on any network. A special in-house encoding technique delivers the TV advert in Flash, making it readily available to 98 per cent of internet users.

Leading agency, TBG, has worked with Utarget Networks for two years and selected UTVsubs for their client, Ocean Finance, because of the demographic targeting benefits of its network.

Simon Mansell, CEO of TBG commented: “We are always seeking new advertising options to give our clients the edge over their competitors. In the past, Utarget Networks has delivered tangible value to our clients, so we are confident UTVsubs will do the same.”

Established in 1998, Utarget PLC is one of the UK’s largest product-led, new media sales houses, with an annual turnover of £2.5 million. The company is made up of two divisions, Utarget Networks; which develops and operates proprietary full page advertising networks and Utarget Media; which owns and manages niche web portals such as Keepthedoctoraway (Health), Financedaily (Finance), Travelconnect and Urban Planet (Youth).

Editor’s notes

About Utarget plc
Trading for five years, with an annual turnover of £2.5m, Utarget plc is one of the UK’s largest product-led, new media sales houses.

The company provides advertisers, and their agencies, with distinctive and unique methods of advertising online. Utarget plc utilises owned and externally managed networks, ad technology and media to deliver web advertising opportunities. The premise behind its range of activities is to offer brands, media and advertising that are targeted, effective and proven to work.

The division, Utarget Networks, represents the company’s network of advertising products from subsites, UTsubs and UTVsubs, through to contextual advertising, UTcontextual. Products are primarily based on full screen web advertising using a variety of owned, managed and proprietary networks. The combined networks are managed across 500 of the UK’s top websites, reaching more than 15million users a month (57% of the internet population).

The Utarget Media division houses online consumer-centric media owned by the company (such as Travelconnect), alongside niche media that is managed by the company (50Connect). UTmedia also sells advertising inventory for a catalogue of carefully selected websites.

The company manages campaigns for, Dell, Dixons, BUPA, Carphone Warehouse, Norwich Union, AOL and Royal Mail through well-known agencies including Diffiniti, Initiative, Harvest, Mediavest, Quantum, MGOMD, Carat, Zed and Advertisers, such as Partypoker, Betfair, Mercury direct and Alertacall, are managed direct through Utarget.


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Published on: 12:00AM on 30th May 2006