With the World cup but days away, now's the time to plan ahead. I know, the England games are sorted, you know where you're watching them. But if you're a true fan of the beautiful game you're going to be watching as many games as possible, and watching alone at home with a cold beer and a tube of Pringles is plain sad.

How much better would it be to watch the Brazilians surrounded by real Brazilians and a 20 piece Brazilian band, or Poland's games surrounded by vodka guzzling Poles? After all football was not meant to be watched in silence. Nor in overpriced, overcrowded Sportsbars.

So over the last couple of weeks we went out to all those communities in London and asked one simple question, where will you be watching the game?

The answers are on StattoStatto a new site launched by digital advertising agency Big Picture.


Enjoy (and if you know some other suitable venues let us know.)


Published on: 12:00AM on 2nd June 2006