Survey Report commissioned by Lemon Digital reveals why agencies outsource and how it benefits agency business

Agencies have an ever-increasing need for and reliance on outsourced digital production services, according to a survey published today by E-consultancy.

The vast majority of agencies are already outsourcing digital work and around two-fifths (42%) of agencies said that the primary reason for this was because it is the “most cost-effective way to manage fluctuations in work stream”.

Matthew O’Riordan, founder of Lemon Digital Production who commissioned the research, said: "Without any existing research available to us on digital outsourcing by UK agencies, the research results have been enlightening for us as a digital production house. More than 90% of UK agencies already outsource digital work and are comfortable using outsourcing as both a tactical and long-term solution for digital delivery.

“We believe that agencies will see digital outsourcing evolving in much the same way as more mature channels such as TV advertising where outsourcing to specialist video production and post-production houses is standard.”

The report highlights cost discrepancies between outsourcing within the UK versus offshore outsourcing, with offshore offering significantly lower rates. O’Riordan believes that with offshore digital agencies only accounting for 35% of outsourced work, being in the same time zone and speaking the same language is paramount for many agencies.

Agency respondents took part in an online survey in September 2008. Information about the research, which focused on outsourcing for digital agencies based in the UK, was emailed to a select group of agencies. The incentive for taking part was a complimentary, advance copy of the full report.

Other highlights of the report include:

• A fifth of agencies (20%) report that “internal capacity issues” were the main driver for outsourcing. A “lack of specific skills in-house” was cited by 16% of survey respondents as the main catalyst for outsourcing.

• Technical work is the area that is most likely to be outsourced, as indicated by 35% of responding agencies. Creative, search engine marketing and user experience work are outsourced by 18%, 14% and 11% of agencies respectively.

• A range of production skills are required for outsourced work. A coherent understanding of Flash is top of the list of requirements. Flash Design & Build is a skill required by 16% of responding agencies while ActionScript programming is required by a further 12%.

• Microsoft .NET programming is a requirement for 12%, while skills in HTML, CSS and AJAX development were mentioned by 11% of respondents.

• In terms of services outsourced by agencies, content management systems (14%), video production (14%) and search marketing (10%) are at the top of the list. E-commerce systems, games and video post-production were cited by 9% of agencies as services they outsource.

• A quarter of respondents indicate that outsourced work is undertaken by freelancers located on-site. The same proportion report that work in undertaken by freelancers at an off-site location.

• Reliability was cited as the most important criterion when choosing an outsourcing partner, as reported by 53% of respondents, followed by quality (37%) and cost (10%).

On the subject of white-labelling O’Riordan added: “From our experience of being primarily white-labelled, we find that this can be both beneficial and detrimental to agencies. Typically, the benefits are only realised when projects are running smoothly.

“Agencies that recognise the role of digital outsourcing as a service much like pre-print art working or video post production, are able to be more transparent with their clients, take credit when due, yet are still able to handle difficult situations constructively due to the open nature of the relationship.”

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Published on: 12:00AM on 2nd December 2008