MySource Matrix Open Source CMS Set to Give Leading UK Data Centre and Managed Services Company More Control and Flexibility; Squiz Also to Deliver New Visual Identity and Corporate Messages

London, 7th August 2006

Squiz today announced that it has been chosen by leading UK data centre and managed services company The Bunker to deliver an all-new "Ultra-Secure" corporate web site. Phase one of the engagement will see Squiz provide design and content services to create a new web site identity and market positioning for the Bunker on top of its market-leading open source Content Management System (CMS), MySource Matrix.

The Bunker chose Squiz to develop its new web site because it saw a natural fit in terms of the company's core product offering and Squiz's ability to bring out the best in its brand. Says Bunker CEO, Peregrine Newton: "The Bunker offers clients a data centre and managed service that's unrivalled in the UK in terms of security. We're unique in this respect - our facilities are military grade and our whole technology offering is based on ultra-secure open source software."

"As such, Squiz was a natural partner for us: we use Open Source software as we believe it offers great benefits in security, stability, cost effectiveness and in its development model, and Matrix is a terrific CMS. In addition, aside from the new web site platform, Squiz showed us that their design and online marketing capabilities could help us get where we want to be in terms of our visual identity and our messages. We're extremely excited about the work to come."

Phase one of the new site will see Squiz develop a new visual identity and a new set of corporate messages for The Bunker, as well as the delivery of a new site framework based on MySource Matrix - Squiz's enterprise-class open source CMS. Beyond this initial project, The Bunker is also looking to develop MySource Matrix in other areas to help streamline its customer and partner support services.

Says Squiz Director, Roger Warner: "As a company, The Bunker's credentials are second to none. The management team, with guys like Adam Laurie, have been at the heart of many of the key developments in open source technology over the past decade, and we're just hugely excited to be working with them.”

“As a brand, there's so much that The Bunker can do. So in the short term, we're busting a gut to give them a hot new site that positions them at the top of the pile in the UK data centre and managed services market. And looking ahead, we know that Matrix will give them the control and flexibility they need to start delivering a whole bunch of new business services online."

The new Bunker web site is scheduled to go live in October 2006.

About The Bunker (

The Bunker Secure Hosting Ltd provides Ultra Secure Data Centres and Managed Services on Open Source Software and Microsoft technology. Our team comprises of security and cryptography experts renowned for their work on Apache-SSL and Bluesnarfing. Our technical leaders are recognised experts in Open Source and we use Open Source software where appropriate, as we believe it offers great benefits in security, stability and cost effectiveness. Our Data Centres are outside the M25 yet within easy reach of London.

Our facilities are ex-military Nuclear Bunkers purpose built to house the UK's air defence systems. We run 24/7/365 and our NOC monitors systems both nationally and internationally and is staffed around the clock by system and network engineers and security staff. Through our in house networks team and via close working relationships with a number of carefully selected network providers, we deliver a multi-homed, no single point of failure transit network between all our sites and the Internet.

The Bunker works with over 70 clients, large and small. Our clients are Financial Services Organisations, Technology companies, local government and other regulated Businesses that value our Ultra Secure, high availability offering.

About Squiz (

Squiz is one of the world's leading open source software development companies. We give you control in a content-driven world.

Our open source CMS, MySource Matrix, helps leading organisations such as the UK's NHS and the Australian Federal Government to manage their content more efficiently and cost-effectively. It also helps top brands such as Future Publishing and Warner Music to sell more content and products to more customers via the web.

Squiz is a privately owned company, founded in Sydney Australia in 1998. Squiz has an international network of offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Hobart and London that provide a local service to hundreds of clients across a broad spectrum of industries. Our MySource Matrix open source CMS is internationally recognized as best in class (Gartner).,_ultra-secure_corporate_web_site

For further information, contact:
Roger Warner, Director, Squiz
(+44) 07921 777 933

Published on: 12:00AM on 7th August 2006