Unique real-time applications provided by mobile data specialist TAAP boost sales of sixteen top motoring manufacturers by capturing six leads a minute – that’s 360LPH !

London – 9th August 2006 - At this year’s British International Motor Show, sixteen leading manufacturers reaped the rewards of adopting real-time mobile data capture technology developed by British software company TAAP, stealing a significant technical edge on their motoring rivals.

Fast-thinking manufacturers equipped with TAAP’s innovative PDA-based mobile applications were able to collect, upload and follow up on thousands of potential sales leads as quickly as possible, while exhibitors slow to adapt to new technology were still scrabbling for their clipboards.

While the show doors were open from 18th – 30th July, TAAP was able to collect a staggering 41,587 qualified interviewed leads for sixteen of the world’s top motor manufacturers - that’s nearly six leads a minute for the duration of the show, or approaching a breakneck speed of 360LPH!

All the lead data captured by PDA on the show floor was uploaded in real-time to TAAP systems, and made available for fulfillment processing within ten seconds of capture. Those manufacturers that embraced the technology were able to route this sales-critical information from show floor to back office systems in real-time and without human intervention, re-keying or retyping of any data. This dramatically reduced the cost of capturing and processing lead data.

Manufacturers that also used TAAP’s dynamically personalised email service were able to collect email addresses of potential customers and send them accurate, tailored product literature and details of their nearest dealer based upon their postcode within ten seconds of initial data capture.

“We create this application to ensure the data captured is as specific to each car vendor as possible,” explained Steve Higgon, CEO of TAAP. “Individual manufacturers might capture key demographics and core buying indicators as well as grasping the opportunity to get invaluable feedback on new models and concepts.”

Increasing numbers of motoring manufacturers are now adopting this rich personalised mail technology, dramatically reducing costs and other overheads associated with collecting lead and prospect data, while extending experiential marketing activities on a massive scale across the UK. One global brand has collected nearly 9,000 leads in July alone - and of course these are genuine, qualified interviewed leads, not simply competition or volume generating activities.

A General Motors events manager, working at the show on behalf of Vauxhall, Chevrolet and Saab commented that the quality of data he was able to capture at the exhibition was far in excess of his expectations: “We were really impressed with the professional quality of the technology and the scope of rich sales information we could get from potential customers.”

Leading British mobile software developer TAAP believes our fast-moving, dynamic motoring industry deserves an equally slick and innovative approach to customer data collection. Top car manufacturers agreed, which is why this year’s Motor Show saw TAAP’s real-time mobile data application, TAAP DataCapture, used by sixteen top marques: Alfa Romeo; BMW; Cadillac; Chevrolet; Corvette; Hummer; Hyundai; KIA Motors; Lotus; Mini; Nissan; Renault; Rolls Royce; SAAB; Vauxhall; and Volvo.

Steve Higgon added: “If you attend a major international motor show and see a new model of car and are moved by it, that strong feeling of desire only stays with you for a short while. If the manufacturer or one of their dealers follows up with you while you are still thinking and talking about your experience, you are much more likely as a consumer to respond and buy their product. Cars are such a powerfully emotive sell.”

TAAP’s PDA-based application allows motor manufacturers to capture tailored information about interested and potential buyers at the show with minimum fuss and maximum accuracy. This rich data is collected in real-time. Within four seconds of pressing ‘save’ all information is uploaded via a mobile connection - from the slowest GPRS coverage, right up to 3G or WiFi speeds - to the relevant back office database for follow up. Because TAAP can upload the data in real-time without any further keying in of information, the technology has a genuine influence on efficiency and ultimately the overall chance of a sale.

The British International Motor Show was held at the Excel exhibition centre in London’s Docklands. It was the largest, most anticipated and unrivalled automotive event in Britain, and created more excitement and anticipation than any previous British motoring showcase, with more than 33 new cars launches and premieres on the event floor.

About TAAP
Established in 2003, TAAP develops tools that help forward-thinking businesses capture, analyse and distribute data quickly and accurately. It provides mobile applications that enable efficient transactions in mobile environments. All TAAP products and services are straightforward to use across a broad range of mobile devices. Customers from all business sectors can be up and running quickly and easily with minimal training. In addition, a number of customised out-of-the box products have been developed to resolve specific industry issues in the automotive, property, field marketing and events sectors. These produce measurable returns on investment. TAAP boasts an impressive portfolio of customers including BMW, Ferrari, Fiat, GM, Galliard Homes, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Northern Racing, and Volvo.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 10th August 2006