Retail and wholesale software specialists Unipower, has launched a powerful order management system called Unipower OM that is revolutionising the way in which retailers interact with their manufacturers, suppliers, carrier agents and service providers.

Developed in conjunction with the House of Fraser Group which includes Beatties and Jenners, Unipower OM takes the complexity out of customer order processing, enriches the customers’ buying experience and at the same time puts a wealth of information about customers and suppliers at staff and managers’ fingertips.

Users of the software can coordinate all activities involved in the order cycle such as placing purchase orders, providing specifications and booking the delivery. When the opportunity arises, users can complement the sale with a service such as plumbing in, fitting and removal. All of this is done whilst processing the sales transaction face to face with the customer. In addition, this level of coordination can be achieved with more complex orders. For example, a single order may comprise white goods, made-to-order, furniture and bulk stock items.

At any point users can drill down from screen views to the underlying detailed information with key information, displayed instantly. This includes, for example, track and trace supply chain information enabling effective management of the business and monitoring of resources.

Unipower OM is highly intuitive, needs very little training and gives instant access through clearly laid out screens to invaluable information. Apart from giving increased visibility to the order management process, Unipower OM makes it much easier to identify cross and up-selling opportunities. Stock holding is minimised as retailers are given more accurate stock visibility and product and service availability from suppliers.

Another benefit is that Unipower's latest products are built on the industry standard Microsoft.NET technology. Use of industry standards simplifies on-going maintenance and future product development and will allow Unipower clients to take full advantage of new mainstream technology.

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About Unipower Solutions

Unipower specialise in developing and tailoring software which handles all customer-facing retail activities including point of sale, web stores and order management.

Founded 14 years ago, Unipower is recognised as an international retail solutions company serving major clients in the UK and the rest of Europe. Our continual investment in products has created a world-class portfolio, enabling our clients to implement systems quickly, with minimum risk.

Our unique combination of specialist industry knowledge and ever-growing creative and technical expertise is unrivalled in the retail and wholesale sectors. Our key clients include leading companies such as House of Fraser, Booker, Betterware and Sogegross.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 15th August 2006