In just one month Sayu has increased the quantity of traffic that is provided by a client's PPC advertising campaign by 28%. Statistics also show their Cost per Click (CPC) has been reduced by 22%.

PPC Management Company Sayu has been working with ADMIT Services Ltd., an Internet Addiction Services Company, for over five months. By utilizing advanced statistical techniques, long tail marketing and proprietary automated bidding software, during ADMIT's free 30-day trial Sayu reduced their CPC by a substantial 22% and increased the amount of traffic clicking through to their website by almost 30%.

The PPC strategies employed by Sayu are based on years of research and development in the PPC advertising arena.

“It was foreseeable that the massive growth in advertisers bidding in the PPC arena would increase competition for generic keywords, and as a result increase the CPC required to maintain visibility in the PPC search engines. To avoid this costly predicament, it is essential that advertisers using PPC programs like Google adwords target more specific keywords where the competition is less fierce. The CPC is substantially lower for these less generic keywords and with a well-managed account it is possible to gain a lot more targeted traffic for the same or lesser advertising spend. This can be done by essentially monitoring, calculating and maintaining the optimal bid amount for each keyword that will give the best Return on Investment.” Explains Dr Gerda Arts, Head Data Analyst at Sayu.

This approach was implemented by Sayu for ADMIT Services during their initial 30-day free trial period of Sayu's PPC tools and services.

“Before we began managing ADMIT's Google adwords account the keywords used were very general, like "rehabilitation" and "drug rehab" etc. By combining these broad keywords with more specific keywords like “clinic(s)” and “UK” and we were able to expand ADMIT's keywords list from 50 to approximately 1500 keywords.”

By expanding a client's keyword list, Sayu can use their statistical expertise and proprietary automated PPC bidding software to set and closely monitor and maintain the appropriate bid for each individual keyword phrase.

“The optimal bid amount for a keyword depends greatly on what the click through rate (CTR) is for that particular ad. By carefully tracking the ad we can monitor the CTR accurately. If the CTR is good it is possible to reduce the CPC without an ad dropping many positions. This was the case with ADMIT. By bidding on specific keywords where the CTR is high and the CPC is low we have been able to reduce the overall CPC by 22% and get 28% more clicks for the same daily budget."

To ensure high click-through and conversion rates are maintained Sayu believe it is essential that PPC advertisers generate targeted advert creatives and landing pages for relevant keywords.

By closely tracking the traffic to ADMIT's website Sayu has optimised their campaigns accordingly. "With the conversion tracking we discovered there were many searches for their services in London, Wales and Essex. We therefore created new ad groups for each of these locations, with a targeted ad text mentioning the location. The CTR for these location specific adgroups is around 40% higher than for general adgroups."

In summary within a free 30-day trial of Sayu's PPC tools and services the company reduced ADMIT's CPC by 22% and increased their number of clicks by 28%. Following their initial trial ADMIT decided to continue using Sayu to manage their adwords campaigns, and Sayu has since reduced their CPC by a further 10%. They have additionally added new campaigns to advertise services in other countries.

"Ongoing monitoring, modification and control of their Google adwords account will ensure they maintain this improvement and hopefully increase returns over the coming months." Comments Dr Gerda Arts.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 23rd August 2006