Marketsuite Limited, an increasingly influential ASP software development company based in the UK, have launched their latest initiative aimed at demystifying the technology surrounding email, mobile and web integrated 'digital marketing’.

Marketsuite are providing companies with ‘free 48 hour access’ to their next generation digital marketing platform which enables users to easily set up, design, edit, execute, manage and analyse their own email and mobile digital marketing and relationship management activities – all from one, web hosted system.

The activity is targeted at sales, marketing & relationship management teams within both SME’s and blue chip companies, who may have considered that having an inhouse digital marketing capability would be too expensive, too complicated, perhaps impractical and probably a drain on resources!

On announcing the launch of the latest initiative, Shawn Jhanji, Business Development Director of Marketsuite said “From the very outset, the plan was always to develop a sophisticated system with advanced marketing functionality which, at the same time, was easy to use – even by someone with the most elementary computer experience”.

“The Marketsuite V4 platform quite simply allows almost any customer centric business to enhance their overall sales and marketing strategies and in doing so, improve the effectiveness of their client acquisition, customer profiling, relationship management and direct marketing activities using targeted email, mobile and web channels”.

“Imagine the potential! Reach people wherever they are. Respond to customers on the move. Have a better understanding of who your customer is. Deliver valued and compelling content to those customers in an instant. Digital magazines, brochures, text alerts, special offers, barcode tickets for events and discount sales vouchers. The potential is unlimited. Can you imagine the value to a company of being able to do this for themselves? That is what the Marketsuite V4 is all about!”

The system has already been successfully rolled out to some of the UK’s leading organisations within the publishing, travel, automotive and direct marketing sectors.

Travelscope were an early subscriber to the Marketsuite platform and Chris Chatterton, Marketing Manager said of his company’s decision to embrace a digital marketing capability

“The Marketsuite platform in a single stroke, gave us access to an extremely advanced Marketing Relationship Management capability which has noticeably enhanced our ability to deliver quality content, on demand, to our customers across multiple technology platforms. At the same time, we now have a level of insight into our customers requirements and preferences, which has enabled us to really drill down and focus on their needs. This is certainly the way forward for our own business with the happiness of the customer at the centre of everything we do”.

For more information about the Free 48 hour access to the Marketsuite platform, visit their website

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Published on: 12:00AM on 12th July 2006