Innovation and Enterprise organisation selects PresideCMS to deliver personalised web content to business users

Knowledge Dock, the organisation responsible for innovation and enterprise within the University of East London, has selected PresideCMS to manage the content of its new website,

Knowledge Dock is at the forefront of business development in London’s Thames Gateway region, working with over 2,000 businesses. To attract businesses to use its services, Knowledge Dock has to be innovative in its marketing, not least of all through its website.

Martin Chan, Communications Manager, Knowledge Dock explained: “Around 18 months ago we reviewed our website. It hadn’t been touched for three years and it was not particularly user-friendly or navigable. Fundamentally we wanted to move from a one-way communications channel to a two-way dialogue between us and our stakeholders.”

Chan invited web design and development agencies to advise on how the website should go forward and, of the tenders that were put forward, Pixl8 Interactive’s “impressed us most.” Chan added: “Their people are very knowledgeable and unbiased, and came up with a lot of really good ideas and suggestions. They put themselves in our shoes, and considered what our stakeholders would want from the new website.”

Absolutely fundamental to the new website was a new content management system (CMS) that would enable Knowledge Dock personnel to create and manage their own web content. For that purpose, Pixl8 recommended PresideCMS, an affordable, scalable and easy to use content management solution. Designed for websites, intranets and extranets, it enables marketers and other line-of-business users to take control of creating, managing and maintaining their own content.

“PresideCMS is very easy to use, and you don’t need advanced IT or web design skills. Around six of us are using PresideCMS full time to create and manage content, but anyone in the organisation can use it if they need to put content onto the site,” said Chan.

PresideCMS enables personalised content to be presented to different visitors to the site. “For example, if you are starting a new business, by selecting the business start up tab on the homepage, relevant resources will be served up to you. It just means you get the information you need, faster,” said Chan.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 12th July 2006