More than One in Four Germans Using Firefox Web Browser to Surf the Internet, Significantly Higher Than Most Countries

AMSTERDAM (July 18, 2006) ¾ More than one in four Germans are using the Firefox web browser to access the Internet, the highest rate among major Western European countries and one of the highest in the world, according to exclusive new data from WebSideStory, Inc. (Nasdaq:WSSI), a leading provider of on-demand digital marketing applications and real-time enterprise analytics solutions. For the month of June 2006, Germany averaged a Firefox usage rate of 26.80 percent, followed by France (14.89 percent), Italy (12.46), Spain (9.86) and the U.K. (8.82), according to the WebSideStory Index, a statistical barometer featuring global Internet user trends culled from the millions of daily visitors to web sites using the company’s award-winning web analytics technology, HBX Analytics. Usage rate is the percentage of visitors from a particular country that are using one browser over another on the web. In the U.S., Firefox’s usage rate for the month of June was just under 10 percent.

“For whatever reason, Germans have always seemed to embrace alternatives to Microsoft when it comes to web browsers,” said Geoff Johnston, a WebSideStory analyst. “Netscape was also very popular in Germany during the late 1990s. Firefox appears to have a stronger foothold in some European countries than in the U.S. Most of these gains appear to have come at the expense of Microsoft.”

In addition, while Firefox’s usage share in the U.S. appears to have slowed recently, the browser’s usage rate continues to grow at a more robust pace in Europe. For example, in Germany, the browser gained 1.4 percentage points between January and June of this year; while in Italy it gained 2.1 percentage points during the same time period. In the U.S., however, the browser gained only 0.54 percentage points during the same six months, according to the WebSideStory Index.

HBX Analytics is an award-winning, on-demand web analytics solution that is used by more than 200 enterprises throughout Europe. HBX Analytics is part of the WebSideStory Active Marketing Suite, the industry’s first suite of integrated, on-demand digital marketing applications including web analytics, site search, web content management and keyword bid management. More than 1,300 enterprises worldwide are using one or more components of the Active Marketing Suite to optimize their online business. For more information about WebSideStory, please visit

Browser Usage Share - June 2006

Internet Explorer Firefox Other Daily Sample/Country
Germany 65.04% 26.80% 8.16% 2,181,802
France 82.27% 14.89% 2.84% 1,053,701
Italy 84.76% 12.46% 2.78% 678,166
Spain 88.12% 9.86% 2.02% 767,382
U.K. 88.78% 8.82% 2.40% 6,537,577
U.S. 86.64% 9.95% 3.45% 49,732,535


· Browser usage share is the percentage of visitors from a particular country that are using one particular browser over another on the web. WebSideStory does not measure downloads, only active browsers on the web.

· WebSideStory’s global sample size is one of the largest of its kind, representing nearly 80 million Internet users per day. WebSideStory has more than 1,300 enterprise customers worldwide, including some of the most heavily trafficked sites on the web.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 18th July 2006