my.sportal, owned by TEAMtalk Media, launches with new tools to monetise user generated content

Coull reduces entry costs for build and creation of user generated content sites with new performance-based partnership model

Following successful video blogging trials for football fan site, Coull launches The sports community portal is the first UK site to share advertising revenues and pay sports fans for uploading video and sharing clips with friends. Coull’s white label user generated content (UGC) product was created and deployed in just over a fortnight.

Coull designed and built the site with minimum set up costs and a performance based partnership model with TEAMtalk Media. The deal sees Coull paid for video views and uploads. By removing the traditional heavy upfront costs associated with delivering revenue-sharing UGC portals, Coull enables TEAMtalk Media’s my.sportal to quickly establish and monetise its online community.

Irfon Watkins, CEO at Coull, explains the business model, “User generated content, and in particular video sharing opportunities, are increasingly popular. But what matters most to companies wanting to maximise this potential is speed to market and significantly reduced cost of entry.

“Hence we have created a white label product that can be quickly deployed and we share the cost risk with the site owners, by only charging per video view and upload; enabling a low entry cost.” Watkins continues.

The simplicity of Coull’s technology enables customers to easily upload and edit content captured from their webcams, camcorders and mobile phones using the free to download my.sportal application located at

Peter Lewinton, director of rights and video production at TEAMtalk Media, comments, “Coull brilliantly simplifies the technology required to edit and upload video clips. This empowers sports fans, enabling them to enjoy the community and share video with friends, without needing editing or publishing skills.”

As an added incentive for registered users, TEAMtalk Media pays the video author a 50% share of the net revenue each time the clip is viewed. And with Coull’s ‘earnings calculator’, ‘view counters’ and ‘star ratings’, customers can keep up to date with their popularity and earnings. Video footage which goes viral could result in a substantial pay-out for the content creator.

my.sportal also offers monthly prizes for the best clips in category; videos will be judged by viewers via an online voting system displayed as a ‘5 Star Rating’ scale, created by Coull.

my.sportal will be promoted across all TEAMtalk Media’s online properties to drive registration and video clip uploads.


Editor’s notes

About TEAMtalk Media
TEAMtalk Media is the leading network of sports websites in the UK. Owned by ukbetting PLC, the group comprises:,,,,,,, and, among others and caters for a combined audience of around 8.5 million loyal, web-literate sports fans. TEAMtalk Media specialises in the provision of multi platform sports content and entertainment delivered via web, audio, iTV, mobile, fixed-line and satellite networks.

Peter Lewinton
Director of rights and video production
TEAMtalk Media

About Coull Ltd
Founded in 1998 and based in Bristol, England, Coull is a technology company at the heart of the global digital media revolution, delivering software solutions for the deployment of applications to and across the Internet, mobile devices and personal computers. Coull’s technology radically changes the way software applications are developed and how digital media content is manipulated and made truly interactive, without the need for complex and expensive hardware.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 20th July 2006