UK market for email marketing platforms and services worth £178 million by end of year

London, 25 July 2006: The size of the UK market for Email Marketing Platforms and Services will grow to £178 million by the end of 2006, a 20% rise from £148 million in 2005, according to research published in E-consultancy’s 2006 Email Marketing Platforms Buyer’s Guide.

This valuation reflects the total revenues of the email service providers (ESPs) operating within this market, including income from both email broadcast and client services.

According to previous E-consultancy estimates, the market was worth £120 million in 2004 which means that there will have been almost 50% growth in two years, despite downwards pressure on pricing resulting from industry consolidation.

E-consultancy analyst Linus Gregoriadis said: “Email service providers are reaping the benefits because more organisations understand the financial and brand-building benefits of doing email properly.

“‘Right person, right message, right time’ has long been the email marketers’ mantra without happening very often but it is now actually more of a reality because of growing expertise and improving technology.”

E-consultancy editor Chris Lake added: “Where they do not have the in-house capability, organisations are increasingly turning to email service providers who can not only manage email broadcast but also help them integrate email communication within broader business strategies. There is plenty of demand for value-added services such as customer segmentation and behavioural response marketing, our research has found.”

Key market trends in 2006

• Increased understanding about the return on investment benefits of effective email.

• Greater take-up of more strategic services over and above broadcast of email, such as campaign optimisation and behavioural response marketing.

• More widespread take-up of best-practice email marketing as industry matures. Relevant and targeted email is becoming a reality.

• Greater sophistication in terms of integrating email marketing within the wider marketing mix.

• Increased use of RSS and mobile as complimentary communication channels.

About this report

Our 2006 Email Marketing Platforms Buyer’s Guide assesses the UK marketplace for email services from the perspective of the buyer.

The report contains an overview of market trends and profiles of those companies offering email marketing platforms and email-related services. These companies are known as Email Service Providers or ESPs.

Which vendors/technologies are featured in the buyer’s guide?
Acxiom Digital, Adestra, Bluestreak, CheetahMail, The Communicator Corporation, e-Dialog UK, Emailcenter UK, eCircle, Email Reaction, Emailvision, Epsilon Interactive, ExactTarget, Frontwire, IPT, Lyris, Mailprofiler, Mediaplex, Newsweaver, Premiere Global Services, Pure, Responsys, Silverpop and SpinnakerPro.
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Published on: 12:00AM on 25th July 2006