SiteMorse Survey - UK Top 750 Financial Websites, Top Guardian bottom E*Trade

In the second of our joint reports with Mediasurface (, we reviewed the websites of the top 750 UK financial services organisations testing performance, checking function and compliance – the sites chosen were broken down into 5 key sectors; banking, investment, insurance, consumer finance, professional services.

Overall top site was Guardian Financial Services (one of the very few sites to score 10/10), with the poorest site overall being that of online provider E*Trade (scoring just 0.01)

There were 12 sites that had no errors at all, we found the most errors in the London Metal Exchange Site

The number of sites failing accessibility A and AA on every page rose from last report, up from 18% to 22%

We found 6 sites with excellent website code (finding no problems at all) again the site with the greatest number of HTML errors (code that operates the site) was CIS (Co-operative Insurance), it had just over 117,000 (shows a slight improvement, down from just under 120,000 last time)

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SiteMorse offers a range of website testing services that require no setup, downloads or technical support to operate. SiteMorse measures performance, tests functions and checks compliance (HTML/eGMS/Accessibility/Metadata).
• Website monitoring - individual pages every few minutes, includes R25 reporting
• Thorough website checking - testing from a few pages to a complete site
• Website user experience - load and stress and user journey testing
We provide an Executive Summary and a detailed Technical Report identifying problems by exact type, page, line, etc to facilitate immediate cost effective corrective action.

Over 500 local and central government entities, numerous FTSE and Bank clients use SiteMorse to help them maintain error-free, fully functioning and compliant (HTML/eGMS/Accessibility/brand) websites. We are in our 4th year working with SOCITM. SiteMorse is also used by Gov. Sector Publishing, Blays Netratings and ISPA for website rankings and awards services.

Published on: 12:00AM on 28th July 2006