Following eConsultancy’s report showing email services are to grow by 20% this year, Adestra highlights some of the main reasons behind this

“The UK market for Email Marketing Platforms and Services will grow to an estimated value of £178 million by the end of this year”, according to E-consultancy’s Email Marketing Platforms Buyer’s Guide. Adestra looks at three key areas that are driving this significant growth and making email central to marketing strategy in 2006:

1. Improving deliverability
2. Email marketing actually works!
3. Big players are using it

1. Improving deliverability. Deliverability measures not only if an email reaches the inbox, but how it gets there – avoiding spam filtering and without being distorted.

UK ESPs (Email Service Providers) have invested heavily to ensure their clients benefit from high levels of deliverability. Close relationships with ISPs combined with sophisticated pre-send checkers allow marketers to get messages delivered to the inbox as intended.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for in-house marketers (and also smaller ESPs) to improve their deliverability rates without turning to a major ESP for their specialist tools and systems expertise. Henry Hyder-Smith, MD, Adestra explains: “Barriers to entry through deliverability techniques and investments needed in relationships with ISPs means that less companies are able to successfully provide email marketing services in-house. This allows ESPs to confidently invest in their products and offerings to provide an increasingly better service to customers.”

2. Email marketing actually works. More marketers than ever are measuring campaign ROI. Many ESP’s provide tracking tools to do this, allowing marketers to really understand what works. These tools also support robust testing programs, allowing marketers to learn how to improve their communications.

Now that UK marketers have had enough time to work out how to best use email, the medium is maturing and its use is becoming more intelligent. Behavioural targeting, personalised designs, better testing strategies and much more in-depth reporting are replacing old-fashioned and inefficient ‘spray and pray’ tactics. With more intelligent usage, marketers are seeing better results and improved ROI.

Henry Hyder-Smith said: “The market is maturing and this includes clients’ attitudes to email marketing. With a pedigree stretching back a number of years, credibility born out of email being adopted by the large blue chip companies and best case studies to support this, email marketing is no longer perceived as a cheap, last ditch tactical tool, and instead a core element of the marketing mix.”

3. Big players are using it – both B2C and B2B. The main retailers/e-tailers, travel, media/entertainment and financial services companies are the largest email marketers in the UK. For example BBC shop has recently signed up with Adestra and existing clients include Oxford University Press, Research Machines, Blackwells and informa.

Henry Hyder-Smith said: “Consumers are still relying on email heavily. With the growth of broadband and the anticipated rise in e-commerce, more companies will build a database of online buyers and want to communicate with them via email.

“Email marketing is building a track record of success and as such, is becoming a channel which is taken much more seriously at board level.”

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About the author:

Henry Hyder-Smith is Managing Director of Adestra and has been working within the email marketing industry since its inception almost 10 years ago.

Henry Hyder-Smith, Managing Director

Henry has been working within the email marketing industry since its inception almost 10 years ago. During this time he has managed successful teams in four different email marketing organisations, before establishing Adestra in 2004. A co-founder of Adestra, Henry leads the board of Adestra and has a unique understanding of different clients’ needs, industry issues and development.

With a very hands-on approach, he is devoted to keeping Adestra’s products, services and staff at the cutting edge of email marketing. Henry sits on a key hub on the DMA’s email marketing council to help shape the future of the industry.

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