Calling all Web Designers and Marketing Agencies

LiaiseOnline are currently looking for resellers for our email marketing system - and for Business in Berkshire.

If you're a web designer, chances are you have customers keen to market themselves online. Establishing a series of regular email marketing campaigns is a highly effective way of achieving this, but how do they get started?

LiaiseOnline offers a full set of tools to enable them to create and manage targeted email marketing campaigns, all wrapped up in one neat easy-to-use package. And it presents an ideal opportunity for you to resell our product directly to your clients. It's a system that's well proven, with an excellent track record - in fact it's the very same system we use for our Business in Berkshire newsletters.

So we recently decided it makes sense to offer our LiaiseOnline email marketing system to selected resellers. Marketing agencies, web designers, and independent marketers would all benefit from having a simple system that can be bolted on to their customer's existing website.

• Simple to learn, user-friendly interface
• Manage multiple email campaigns
• Monitor the results
• Tailor campaigns to specific groups
• Build and manage a database of contacts

We've been using the LiaiseOnline email marketing system to promote Business in Berkshire since we first launched 4 years ago and it's proved very successful. So successful, that we're also offering resellers an opportunity to resell Business in Berkshire accounts to their clients. As a way of achieving consistently high rankings in all major search engines, the Business in Berkshire account is a very powerful tool.

Because the content on our site is constantly being updated and refreshed, Google (and his pals) love us. Opening a BinB account for your clients gives them a slice of this search engine success without the time and expense of traditional optimisation of their own business website.

It works - and we're keen to open up some opportunities for our resellers and their clients.

If you like the sound of our offering, please drop us an email. Or if you prefer to talk, call Jon Davey on 01753 852904.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 1st August 2006