Breakthrough in Product Categorization Technology by Channel Intelligence Provides Consistent and Accurate Placement of Products throughout Online Channels

ORLANDO – August 1, 2006 – Channel Intelligence (CI), the leader in technology innovation for Web-initiated commerce, today announced the introduction of a third-generation categorization solution that far surpasses the limited category-to-category mapping technique and provides online retailers with consistent, transparent organization of products across online marketing channels. For the first time CI’s patented unification technology has been combined with new categorization technology to create an item placement accuracy rate unrivaled in the industry.

The automated process uses both unification technology and proprietary data scripts to move products received from data feeds across all of CI’s product lines into a Universal Type-based Category (UTC). A UTC is a single definitive location of each and every item. Each UTC is then linked to the category taxonomy of each comparison shopping engine and online marketplace, which eliminates the issue of disparate product organization that has traditionally plagued online advertising of products.

CI began implementing this technology during the spring of 2006 and its retailer customers are already seeing a significant improvement in the performance of their products. Alison Luna, Optimization Product Manager from Channel Intelligence, comments, “One of the nation’s leading mass merchants experienced a 300% increase in online sales after our categorization technology was applied to their data feed.”

Rob Wight, CEO of Channel Intelligence and chief architect of the UTC system, explains, “This is the first system to automatically categorize and place individual products consistently and accurately across comparison shopping engines. We think of our UTC as an online store planogram, as it ensures all products are located in the correct department, aisle and shelf of that online store. Consumers shopping in brick and mortar stores have an expectation of a product’s location within the store. That concept is now expected by shoppers in the online world.”

Wight feels the key to this new technology is getting products in context with their ultimate destination. Other systems that try to place by item might see a retailer’s product with the word ‘plane’ in the title, for example, and not understand if it is a toy plane or a cheese plane or a block plane. Therefore, the chances of accurate placement of this product on the comparison shopping engines are slim. But because the UTC system determines product context prior to assigning a single definitive placement for every item, the product is always placed in the appropriate location regardless of whether it’s a toy plane, cheese plane or block plane.

To date, the patent-pending UTC system has categorized and placed 6.1 million unique products from over 250 retailers, including 64 of the Top 100 Internet retailers, for all of the Channel Intelligence services. The UTC system is connected to all of the comparison shopping engines and online marketplaces that have their own unique category taxonomy. This technology also allows CI’s customers the ability to analyze the performance of their product categories at multiple sites using detailed ROI analytics tools.

About Channel Intelligence
Based in Orlando, Florida, with offices in Geneva, Switzerland, Channel Intelligence (CI) is the leading provider of on-demand data solutions that make it easy for online shoppers to find and buy products whether they start at retailer sites, manufacturer sites, or destination shopping sites. CI’s patented optimization technology and data solutions currently manage and syndicate over $2.5B in product value to over 50 destinations every day. CI clients include nearly 200 of the world’s best known retail and manufacturing brands such as Best Buy, Baby Universe, Canon, Circuit City, eToys Direct, Fujifilm, HP Home and Home Office,, LG Electronics, Northern Tool + Equipment, Olympus, Panasonic, PC Mall, PETCO, Rooms To Go, Target, Things Remembered and more. For more information, visit the company’s website at

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Contact: Joy Lee
Manager, Retail Marketing
Channel Intelligence, Inc.

Published on: 12:00AM on 1st August 2006