Lyris reports on ISP deliverability rates

European Internet Service Providers (ISPs) achieved an email inbox deliverability rate of 91 percent compared to 87 percent for ISPs in the U.S. during the second quarter of 2006. Using its EmailAdvisor deliverability monitoring service, email marketing company Lyris Technologies,, revealed this finding in its quarterly ISP deliverability report, as the company continues to highlight the issue of email deliverability.

However, despite European ISPs performing better, their results are down 3 percent from the previous quarter, while U.S. rates have increased to 87 percent, from 82 percent previously. Another key statistic was the incidence of false positive spam filtering - 3.3 percent of valid email messages are wrongly blocked by U.S. ISPs in contrast to 0.075 percent in Europe.

Andrew Robinson, managing director of Lyris UK, comments: “We invest a lot of time and effort to help our customers understand and implement the principles of good email marketing and maximise the effectiveness of their electronic campaigns. However, it’s also important to look at the other side of the coin, and Lyris’ ISP deliverability report cards act as a consistent industry monitor to draw attention to other reasons for the non-delivery of email. Here, ISPs must shoulder their share of responsibility to ensure that emails are delivered correctly, thereby proving the potential of the medium.”

Lyris Technologies publishes quarterly ISP deliverability report cards. For previous results, visit the Knowledge Centre at

Report methodology:
From a period beginning April 1, 2006 and ending June 30, 2006, the Lyris EmailAdvisor service monitored the full delivery trajectories of 57,836 production-level, permission-based email marketing messages (non-discussion) sent from 57 different businesses and non-profit organizations to multiple accounts at 39 ISP and ESP domains in the United States and Europe.

Messages were chosen to represent a cross-section of legitimate publishing and marketing activities. Examples of email publications monitored by the study include a daily email guide for local shopping, dining, and cultural events, a weekly newsletter for wine enthusiasts, and a monthly yoga journal. Retail marketers included a national electronics retailer, an online seller of perfume and skin care products, and an online swimwear retailer, among many others. In all cases, the recipients to which the emails were sent had made an explicit "opt-in" request to receive the messages at the specified email addresses.

Caveat: In addition to ISP policies regarding the processing of inbound email, deliverability rates can be affected by a sender's content, mailing history, list hygiene and other factors. Senders who do not adhere to email marketing best practices may experience deliverability rates lower than those quoted in this report.


The total number of messages delivered specifically to the inbox, divided by the total number of messages sent.

False positive spam filtering
The wrong identification of legitimate email as spam which, subsequently, is not delivered into the inbox.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 29th September 2006