www.MrPaparazzi.com just gets better; Launch Phase II

The user-driven celebrity-spotting site, launched earlier this year, has already found ways to expand its offering, providing even more services online: More mobile downloads are available, it’s even easier to send in photos, and it’s got a blog with gossip directly from the man himself; Darryn Lyons, plus much more...

MrPaparazzi.com is a great example of the movement toward and immersion in Web 2.0, the catch-all phrase used for consumer-generated content. From this site, the general public actually contributes to the news they see and read online, in print and on radio. With the ability to upload clips, the general public can eve contribute to TV. What’s incredible is Mr Paparazzi makes sure that for every picture or clip sold, the individual is fairly remunerated at the market rate for their efforts – just like a professional ‘pap’.

MrPaparazzi.com is driven by Darryn Lyons. His passion, character and personality are stamped all over the site. He’s renowned for his strong character, colourful language, as regularly displayed in his series on BBC3. The site reflects these attributes. Our designers were invigorated by this public persona and celeb-lead brief. To capitalize on his on-screen presence, we created a cartoon character based on the man himself.

Since launch, success stories abound for MrPaparazzi’s everyday contributors. The most successful sales include photos of the ‘06 class of Big Brother and a particular photograph of Gwyneth Paltrow hitting the surf. We know you’ve seen them.

The site was launched at a celeb-packed party at the Playroom club in London on 1st September 06. Check out the site, and keep that camera, mobile phone etc on the ready…

Visit http://www.mrpaparazzi.com/ and http://mrpaparazzi.com//blog/


Screen grab images available. For further information please contact:
Dean Russell, iConcertina Creative
Tel: 0870 366 5230 or Dean: dean@iconcertina.com

About Darryn Lyons:
Darryn Lyons aka Mr. Paparazzi started his photographic career at the age of 17 in his home town in Australia. Darryn’s a highly respected photographer, uniquely winning awards both for best Press Photographer and best News Photographer. Mr. Paparazzi understands the media’s demand for images. In 1992 he founded a worldwide celebrity photo agency, Big Pictures. Based in Britain, Big Pictures now has nine offices in cities including Sydney, LA and Dubai, employing over 150 staff. All this means the public can be confident they will get the best price for photos because that’s what Mr. Paparazzi does.

About iConcertina:
iConcertina Creative is a custom online solutions provider. We build bespoke solutions to meet our clients' specific needs by blending superior creative design, technical functionality and business process understanding.

Published on: 12:00AM on 9th October 2006