What's the point of open source? Is it savings, sandals or the ability to introduce new services that can move a business forward?

London, 4th October 2006

Squiz today announced the availability of a new white paper, entitled 'The Value of Open Source Software: Sandals, Savings or Services?'

The paper poses the question, what is the point of open source software and why is it so valuable for enterprises? In the process, it examines some of the popular myths that have tended to hamper the uptake of open source software and suggests better ways of exploiting it.

Says author and Squiz Director, Roger Warner: "We've developed this new white paper to dispel some of the myths that still persist around open source and to help folks realise what a no-brainer an open source strategy really is.

"The bottom line is that if you can find a like-for-like (or better) open source alternative to a commercially licensed product then by removing the license fee you immediately free up a bundle of cash to spend on more important things like development, training and future system support.

"It's not a difficult concept, but we usually find it's something of a Eureka moment for most of our clients - like 'Oh, I get to save money AND do more with it!?' In a nutshell, open source is, and always should be, understood as an innovation in ‘value’ as opposed to an innovation in technology - and the key to getting more out of your spend is accepting that 'value for money' lies in what you can do with your software rather than in its price tag."

The new white paper can be downloaded free of charge via: http://www.squiz.co.uk/resources/white_papers

About Squiz

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Published on: 12:00AM on 5th October 2006