Cimex was ranked at No. 45 on New Media Age’s Top 100 Interactive Agencies Table 2006, positioned at No. 16 in the top Design & Build category.

NMA ranks agencies by turnover using audited figures from the nominated companies. This year, the publication created an overall table with marketing, design & build and technical agencies all ranked together.

The agency has almost doubled its revenues over the past twelve months due to wins in the learning sector from the BBC Jam project and Pearsons, and in the community area from Directgov mobile, Yahoo! and Save the Children.

Another pillar of the agency’s success has been its work with multiple Government departments. The agency remained on the COI roster after the year-long review. It’s also on the DCMS roster and continues to work with the DfES. Cimex has also helped extend the government’s Directgov brand onto i-mode, O2’s 3G mobile network.
The agency has grown its staff numbers from 34 to 54 over the last twelve months and has seen an increased focus on content and user-centred design over the past year. As a result of this latter growth, Cimex has built its own usability lab with eye-tracking technology to help clients develop accessible and usable websites.

Denise Turner, Commercial Director at Cimex said, “We are delighted with the growth over the last year. The NMA ranking is a wonderful testament to a great year. We look forward to further success in the coming months.”

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Published on: 12:00AM on 9th October 2006