Intellitracker Enterprise Version 5
UK company leads the way in Interactive Business Intelligence

Intellitracker today announced the general release of Intellitracker Enterprise Version 5. This major release provides a number of significant improvements to the company’s Enterprise customers and includes the launch of a new and enhanced reporting platform.

Commenting on the release, Mark Wilding, client services director at Intellitracker said “Version 5 of Intellitracker Enterprise is a big step forward for us with a significant number of enhancements. We have canvassed our users and used the information to create a release plan that includes this and 3 further interim releases over the next 12 months. We aim to lead the market in terms of feature set and to do so at an extremely competitive price point. We will be making a lot of noise about this over the coming months; we have spent too long as the best kept web analytics secret.”

Intellitracker Enterprise Version 5 enhancements include:

• New Reporting Platform
A new look and feel brings Intellitracker Enterprise Version 5 right up to date and provides significant improvements in usability. The new reporting platform on which this interface is based provides the power and flexibility to create interactive reports that exactly suit user requirements.

• Visitor Segmentation Enhancements
Powerful filtering and visitor segmentation has always been a major feature of Intellitracker Enterprise. Version 5 enhances this by allowing users to segment visitors based on any of the information stored. Rather than providing a fixed set of filters users can now choose how to segment their visitors and apply this segmentation to any of the reports.

• New IntelliView Path Overlay Feature
The IntelliViewtm facility provides users with a view of which links were clicked by visitors overlaid on top of a view of the relevant web page. Like other reports this can be filtered to show a subset of visitors based upon any criteria selected.

• New Global Reporting Facilities
An Intellitracker Enterprise account can contain multiple websites. This new feature allows users to run reports across multiple websites.

• Further Report Acceleration
Following close on the heels of the significant improvements included within Version 4.3, Version 5 once again raises the bar on report speed. While most vendors have achieved acceptable report speed by aggregating data and using this for reporting, Intellitracker have tackled this issue head on. Intellitracker Enterprise provides reports based upon original data and does this without compromising report speed. This allows users to choose their own report time periods (rather than being limited to fixed daily, weekly or monthly reports) and tracks repeat visitors over the full life of the site.

• New Links with External Applications
The new Data Extractor facility allows users to incorporate live Intellitracker data into other applications or systems. Although generic in nature the initial release will focus on links to MS Excel allowing users to create their own reports containing web analytics data alongside other data, perhaps for a monthly management report.

Further information for editors:
Intellitracker Ltd is based in London, United Kingdom. The company develops and markets the Intellitracker Enterprise interactive business intelligence suite and provides professional services in support of this. Intellitracker Enterprise was launched in 1997 and is recognised as one of the leaders in the field of online analytics and is used by organisations including BMW, Loot, Oxfam, Thomson Holidays and Royal Doulton.

Contact: David Hudson

Published on: 12:00AM on 11th September 2006