DrivenQA launches a software testing challenge

Monday, September 18, 2006

As part of its ongoing commitment to the digital community, DrivenQA is challenging people and businesses interested in finding out how quality of their web and software solutions can be improved.

How does it work?

There is a four step process:

*Provide DrivenQA access to a web or software product that is considered to be stable
* A professional software tester will spend 30 minutes looking at the product with the aim to raise at least 5 bugs.
* If our tester does not find at least 5 bugs, DrivenQA will have the pleasure of inviting you to lunch.
* If we do find 5 bugs the lunch invite is on you.

Simple, easy and friendly.

What is the purpose?

In and ideal world software would not have bugs. However, reality proves the opposite. Bugs and errors are all around us in different shapes, forms and severity.

DrivenQA wants to help you squish those bugs!

Software Testing as a profession is building up momentum, however through experience and investigations DrivenQA is aware that many technology companies are still lacking the knowledge or resources to improve the quality of a technology product and keep up with fast paced development trends.

With a friendly, easy and simple approach, DrivenQA want to demonstrate the benefits of software testing and how simple actions can really make the difference.
Interested in taking part?

About DrivenQA

We help you make better software

No matter how big or small our involvement is, DrivenQA are a team of real people who make the difference.

* We specialise in QA and Software Testing
* We inform what you can do
* Advise on what you should do
* Help you avoid the pitfalls
* Work together to achieve quality
* Hold your hand if you are unsure
* Celebrate success

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Published on: 12:00AM on 19th September 2006