Espotting Media, the 'Best European Paid Placement Service ' today announces a deal to provide paid listings to the internet properties of Emap PLC, one of the UK's leading media companies, and publishers of titles including FHM, Smash Hits and New Woman. Emap is the UK's largest consumer publisher, and Emap Interactive represent a suite of 15 Internet properties that generate over 60 million page impressions each month, from 2.5 million unique users. Deal highlights include:

- Exclusive deal sees Espotting provide paid listings across Emap's network of 15 internet sites, including the internet properties of FHM, Smash Hits, Q, Kiss, Aloud, Kerrang, New Woman, Bliss, Max Power, Empire and Mojo.

- Espotting will power search functionality, in addition to providing its Content Monetisation Solution (also referred to as contextual advertising) throughout the channels of Emap's websites. Channel implementations will be customised to each site, and relevant Espotting listings will feature alongside editorial content and product reviews; on for example, Espotting's mobile phone related listings may appear under the ' recommends' banner next to reviews of the latest mobile technology in the channel Manstuff > Reviews. All channel implementations will match the look and feel of Emap's current websites.

- Espotting's content solutions are vertically focused, delivering precisely targeted users to advertisers' websites. Espotting pioneered content monetisation in Europe, and this deal will see implementations covering a range of demographic verticals.

- The deal can be extended to any new Internet properties that Emap launch.

- The implementation is expected to go live mid January.

'This is the first time we have worked with a paid listings provider, and we wanted to work with the best.' commented Niall Hogan, Interactive Sales Director, Emap. 'As the European market leaders, and the pioneers of content monetisation in Europe, Espotting were the obvious choice. We are happy to offer Espotting's advertisers the ability to take advantage of the unique demographic profiles provided by our internet properties, and Espotting's successful history of content implementations allows us to seamlessly integrate relevant content whilst staying true to Emap's many brands.'

'This deal sees the coming together of two leaders in UK media.' commented Seb Bishop, co-founder of Espotting Media. 'Our many-faceted partnership with Emap reflects Espotting's commitment to providing our advertisers with highly targeted users through vertically specific content implementations. We work closely with our affiliates to ensure that each implementation is customised to mirror their brand, and meet their specific needs.'

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About Espotting

Espotting Media is Europe's 'Best Paid Placement Service' (Search Engine Watch Awards). Espotting operates an online marketplace where advertisers bid against each other for prominence within search listings that Espotting delivers. The higher an advertiser bids, the higher that advertiser is listed. What's more, an advertiser only pays for the traffic it receives - it's pay-per-click advertising that's 100% cost-effective and accountable. Espotting currently has over 20,000 advertisers including British Airways, Norwich Union Direct, eBay and

Espotting is a network, not a destination site or a portal. Through its search network Espotting powers over 1 billion queries each month across Europe.

Espotting currently services 10 European territories - the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 15th January 2004