Leading beauty, skin care and fragrance provider looks to Coremetrics to measure performance against overall and targeted objectives

London, UK: October 31, 2006 – Coremetrics, the leading provider of on-demand web analytics and precision marketing solutions, today announced that l’Occitane en Provence has selected Coremetrics to provide insight into its customers’ online experience. L’Occitane is a unique brand of products that range from personal skin and body care to fragrances from Provence. In addition to its E-commerce business, l’Occitane operates 700 stores in more than sixty countries.

L’Occitane looks forward to achieving the flexibility it needs to track online promotions and react quickly with needed adjustments. The company’s marketing activities are effectively driving traffic to the site, www.loccitane.com, and the next priority is to ensure these visitors convert to high value customers. L’Occitane also plans to use Coremetrics as its strategic tool to navigate its E-commerce platform, tying together natural and paid search, email, product database, and sales analysis tools.

L’Occitane selected Coremetrics after a thorough evaluation of the leading web analytics providers. Three key differentiators were cited as the determining factors in l’Occitane’s decision.
· LIVEmark, an embedded and robust benchmarking service that allows customers to view key metrics against an overall and targeted benchmark.
· An account management model that provides ongoing business support from an assigned account team.
· The breadth of data collected and a user interface designed specifically for retailers providing a complete view of customers’ experience.
“We preferred Coremetrics’ approach to customer service,” said Damien Balaÿ, l’Occitane’s director of E-Commerce. “Coremetrics will give us a 360° view of our customer’s experience on our site. That was less accessible on other platforms.”

L’Occitane placed high value on Coremetrics Benchmarking service, allowing it to compare its key metrics with other companies in the same vertical. Having an assigned Coremetrics analyst, experienced in web analytics in the retail industry, was also key to l’Occitane’s selection process. “Coremetrics takes a very complex set of information and makes it easy to understand,” said Balaÿ. “Having experts that help us understand which metrics to rely on will be crucial to driving our marketing campaign strategies.”

L’Occitane was founded in the south of France in 1976 and the first shop and mail order service was opened in Volx, France, in 1980. Today, L’Occitane employees more than 1,200 people. All products are manufactured in the
time-honored traditional way using fine natural ingredients, primarily from Provence. L’Occitane’s products and stores reflect the company's core values of authenticity, simplicity, sensory pleasure and respect for people and the planet.
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Published on: 12:00AM on 1st November 2006