E-consultancy Demonstrates Commitment to Web Accessibility

Portal for online industry displays Segala-Certified™ Trustmark for
Accessibility Compliance. Awarded Certificate to show levels of
independently verified W3C WCAG conformance

London, England, 2nd November 2006 – Segala announced today that the E-consultancy Web site has been awarded the Segala-Certified Trustmark to help the online portal demonstrate its ongoing commitment to Web accessibility. The Trustmark allows E-consultancy to clearly demonstrate to all its users that the site has now been independently audited and certified for conformance. The highly regarded Web site, recently awarded Online Business Publisher of the Year at the AOP Awards, has been audited by Segala for compliance with the W3C WCAG guidelines and awarded a certificate that details the specific conformance levels.

The Trustmark on the site links to E-consultancy’s secure certificate,
allowing anybody to view a full list of compliance checkpoints for
the site in one easy click. The Trustmark is also machine-readable,
meaning the site can be filtered and highlighted in compatible browsers and search engines, making the site more likely to be found and used by users with accessibility needs.

Ashley Friedlein, CEO of E-consultancy says “Our accessibility
requirements are quite specific so we need a partner that can help us
make sure we deliver them. Segala’s approach allows us to be
certified immediately on any page, and to any set of checkpoints. We
want to comply with some specific checkpoints without the need to
conform to any particular standard W3C priority level so this was a
crucial factor. It enables us to have the site independently audited
and certified to our exact needs. The Segala Trustmark on the site is
important as it allows us to say to our users, and the industry, that
we take accessibility seriously and are prepared to show it.”

“E-consultancy have taken a bold step forward to promote
accessibility, not just by talking about it, but by demonstrating it.
Their use of the Trustmark and Certificate makes it clear to
everybody that they are prepared to be accountable for the
accessibility of their site. They are showing the industry that it is
possible demonstrate a commitment to accessibility without having to
change an entire site in one go. “ says Paul Walsh, CEO of Segala.

Access the E-consultancy Web site at: http://www.e-consultancy.com

About Segala
Segala is an independent specialist in Web accessibility and mobile
testing and certification services. Web site owners demonstrate their
commitment and conformance to accessibility standards and legislation by displaying the Segala Trustmark on their site.

As an Associate member of the W3C, Segala participates in the Web
Accessibility Initiative (WAI) and is a Founding Sponsor of the
Mobile Web Initiative (MWI). Segala is also a sponsor member of the W3C Content Label Incubator Group (XG-CL), a worldwide initiative to develop content labelling standards for the Web.

Segala is the first testing and compliance specialist worldwide to
become an associate member of the GSMA. Segala has global
headquarters in Dublin, Ireland and an office in the UK. For further
information visit www.segala.com.

About the Segala-Certified Trustmark
The Segala-Certified™ Trustmark is a visual logo that allows Web site
owners to clearly show that their site has been independently audited
and certified for Accessibility compliance. It gives a clear visual
assurance that their site complies with industry standards and
legislation and links to a certificate that demonstrates the levels
of conformance.

The Trustmark is unique in being machine-readable and can therefore be detected by compatible search engines and browsers. This allows filtered searches on accessible sites, helping to ensure that users can find sites which claim to be accessible. O2 is the first major organization worldwide to adopt the Segala trustmark as standard throughout its online content.

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For Further Information, please visit:
Segala – www.segala.com
W3C WCAG Guidelines – http://www.w3.org/WAI/intro/wcag.php

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Published on: 12:00AM on 2nd November 2006