November 2006 – A unique and affordable system to track a person’s exact location has this week been launched by BTS into the UK market place. OurSOS™ was developed in response to needs of those responsible for the care of others; it allows them to check on those they care for at any time.

Each individual or group being monitored will wear a unit which allows the carer to place position of the unit on a personalised mapping system. This can be performed either through a secure site on the internet or through a mobile phone device. The advantage of the mobile device is that it shows its own location as well as the monitored unit, making it easier to find someone on the move.

OurSOS incorporates an alarm for emergencies which will alert carers if the wearer is in trouble. For some time it has been possible for people to carry alarms with them, however they were linked to a physical location and therefore the range was limited. With OurSOS™, the wearer and or its sensor can let people know if they are in trouble and the carer will know exactly where they are.

Mike Smuts, Managing Director of Blue Tree Services, commented “We have seen a huge demand for this product from across all sectors of society, not just from the retirement market. A robust and easy to wear product will soon be made available for parents who wish to allow their children more freedom, whilst knowing their exact location. This is an exciting time for our company and we look forward to this new generation of device, giving independence back to those who desire it, whilst still in the safe sight of a carer.”

Key features include:

 An alarm button on the unit for emergencies
 A movement sensor will show the carer if the unit is being worn or not. ground
 A power sensor checks the power and alerts the carer if the unit is running low and has not been charged
 Boundary alerts. This allows the wearer freedom to move within a designated area without the carer necessarily being alerted.

OurSOS™ portable units use GPS and the Cell phone network to send positioning information to secure servers, which are then able to relay information back to the license holder showing the location of the units anywhere in the UK or Europe on a map.

The units are designed to allow a fixed cost for data transmission, allowing the operators of the unit to be able to budget efficiently. Units are also able to prolong their battery life by reducing the amount of charge used when the battery power falls below a certain threshold.

Other services such as Boundary alarms are available from Blue Tree Services and can be customised to the caring organisations needs, as a large amount of care and residential homes already have a strong vested interest in this affordable tracking technology.

A kids version is also being launched in December and has added features for schools and institutions such as:
• Instant Register – giving teachers the ability to know who is missing from the school
• Activity and other reporting

A medical version designed to transmit personal medical information as well as location and activity will be available from January 2007. Various sensors are being tested; however those most in demand are for heart monitoring and blood sugar level checks.

Notes to Editor:
For more information contact Susan Neil on
Or Michiel (Mike) Smuts on

Phone number: +44 207 043 0842

The units are manufactured by Blue Tree Services
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Forge Cottage, High Banks
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Kent, ME15 0EG

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Published on: 12:00AM on 2nd November 2006