Partnership to Prevent Loss

PMC and IntelliQ forge partnership combining retail consulting expertise and leading loss prevention technology

Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK – 3rd November 2006 -- Retail systems consultancy PMC Limited, has formed a partnership with IntelliQ, leading provider of retail loss prevention solutions to enable PMC to implement and support IntelliQ’s RetailKey LP™ Loss Prevention software. This partnership combines PMC’s extensive retail systems knowledge and experience with IntelliQ’s software development and analytics expertise.

In addition to offering standard RetailKey LP, PMC will also offer a version of the product focused on the needs of smaller retailers. It will offer all standard reports but exclude some analysis and customisation enabling PMC to provide mid-range retailers with competitive loss prevention solutions.

Paul Mason, managing director, PMC states: “A significant proportion of our consulting work is helping retailers meet tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities, recommending direction and strategy based on what’s going to happen. We have long predicted that loss prevention would become a key UK retail trend and we have been advising our clients accordingly.”

“RetailKey LP is an outstanding solution that allows retailers to query data without draining valuable IT department resources. It enables them to identify anomalies in EPOS data that have the potential to be fraud, by collecting EPOS data centrally to provide one view of the entire estate.”

Simon Grant, CEO, IntelliQ states: “PMC is a highly experienced, retail-specific consultancy and integrator. They correctly predicted that loss prevention would become a hot topic and their knowledge and experience of the retail market sits perfectly with our organisation.”

“Too many retailers see current levels of shrinkage as part of doing business. Many still think that shrinkage is about the theft of physical goods by customers. Adopting a wider definition of shrinkage shows that over 50% comes from employee-based loss. By reducing losses from employees due to fraud, cash theft and other process related issues a significant amount of money can be delivered back into the business year on year. All retailers run on tight margins, using our RetailKeyLP software to drive down employee-based loss is just about the last free money on the table for retailers.”

Grant continues: “Fraudsters are clever and it can be difficult to track their actions. Many standard point-of-sale systems have rather unsophisticated exception reporting. That means on a till-by-till basis, if somebody does something previously defined as ‘wrong’, the system kicks up a message. RetailKey LP uncovers a wide range of fraudulent activity that is not immediately obvious.”

Unlike an EPOS failure that needs an immediate solution, some retailers see no immediate need for loss prevention software. Grant believes the market needs educating about the value of loss prevention solutions. “Many retailers still argue there is no budget availability. However, the impressive ROI produced by loss prevention software builds a significant business case. Also, the technology that enables effective loss prevention is now available.”

Mason agrees that solid point-of-sale technology is important: “Most retailers now have stable or mature EPOS. Once the epos is stable, loss prevention solutions become a sensible add-on investment. Less than 10 years ago unstable EPOS and poor communications platforms made transaction data difficult to download – now that’s changed.”

Both Grant and Mason stress the need to take a holistic view of loss prevention. They argue that it’s more than physical security and identifying obvious theft. It’s about how retailers run the business as a whole. Understanding that theft happens and realising the need to do something about it is key, implementing an effective solution can have a massive impact on business.

Grant closes: “Retailers are being shocked into action because losses are significant. You cannot make a retail environment totally secure but you have a duty of care to your staff and customers to make it a safe comfortable shopping environment and one where it’s not obvious where you can commit fraud. You also have a duty of care to your shareholders.”

“We see a long-term partnership with PMC. We have a meeting of minds and a common wish to develop high-quality solutions. That’s how you make a partnership successful - a common ethos and a relationship that benefits customers.”


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IntelliQ is the UK market leader in providing comprehensive loss prevention solutions to the retail sector. Our software tools and case management solutions help clients to protect and grow profits through the cost-effective analysis of transaction data from multiple sources. Headquartered in the UK, IntelliQ has been helping both private and public sector organisations for over 10 years, delivering rapid and sustainable ROI. At retailers such as Argos, B&Q, Bhs, USC and Phones4U, significant ROI was achieved well within the first year. For more information about IntelliQ and RetailKey LP, please call (020) 7517 1000 or visit

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Published on: 12:00AM on 3rd November 2006