LOS ANGELES, 7 November 2006 – Zeus Technology today announced the launch of Zeus Extensible Traffic Manager Virtual Appliance (ZXTM VA), a new version of its flagship traffic management technology that operates as a virtual appliance within virtualized datacenter environments.

ZXTM VA is a virtual appliance that runs on VMware’s ESX Server 3 datacenter infrastructure. It manages incoming network traffic across a cluster of virtual machines, inspecting, routing, rewriting and manipulating each request. As virtual machines are deployed, moved and removed, ZXTM VA intelligently routes incoming traffic so that it is always delivered to the most available, responsive machines.

ZXTM VA has been introduced exclusively through the VMware Virtual Appliance Marketplace, which was announced by VMware today at the VMworld 2006 conference in Los Angeles. The goal of this network is to create a union between virtual appliance partners and existing virtual infrastructure customers to provide solutions that are easy to deploy and manage.

ZXTM VA has passed VMware’s stringent certification program, which guarantees that all featured virtual appliances have been fully configured to operate natively within VMware’s ESX Server 3 datacenter platform.

“In launching the Virtual Appliance Network, VMware has made a bold play to create an ecosystem of solutions that will help organizations deploy and manage a completely virtualized datacenter environment,” said Paul Di Leo, CEO, Zeus Technology. “By joining this programme, Zeus is able to help VMware customers improve the performance and resilience of their virtualized applications, giving them greater control over security, provisioning and traffic management.”

“As the only software-based Layer 7 traffic manager, ZXTM VA is perfectly positioned to provide services in virtualized environments. It aligns perfectly with the strategic adoption of virtualization as customers do not need to purchase dedicated physical appliances to meet their load balancing and traffic management needs,” he said.

Karsten Thygesen, Technical Director at Netic, a Zeus Value Added Reseller, explains; "Debitor Registret, a Danish online database for credit rating checks, is utilizing ZXTM VA in a heavily virtualized environment. Virtualization is used to achieve redundancy of the many small components, and to control resources to help ensure high availability of the primary business component--the web service which the business uses to perform online credit checks.”

“The clustered ZXTM's provide enhanced performance, ensure high availability and effective health monitoring of the individual nodes and is hence the most critical part of the infrastructure. ZXTM VA has exceeded any expectations we, and our customer, had and has operated flawlessly since installation,” he said.

Organizations accessing the VMware Virtual Appliance Network will be able to learn more about ZXTM VA and download a trial version for evaluation within their virtualized environment. For more information on ZXTM VA, visit www.zeus.com/products/zxtmva

About Zeus Technology:
With over ten years industry experience, Zeus Technology develops application traffic management software, dramatically improving network and web-enabled applications making them run faster, more reliably, more securely and making them easier to manage.

The Zeus solutions enable organizations to intelligently manage their applications, streamline operations and provide a seamless end-user experience.

As the only pure software traffic management solution, the Zeus products are flexible whatever your deployment environment; a purpose-built Zeus appliance, standard servers, blades, or even virtualized environments.

Web-enabled businesses rely on Zeus for reliability, scalability and security. Reshaping the market by taking an intelligent approach to application traffic management, Zeus integrates the three essential business requirements of traffic management, optimization and security in a single robust and scalable solution. This provides centralized control and resilience for applications, and ensures swift and seamless interaction between web-enabled application services.

Zeus holds strategic partnerships with world-class companies such as AMD, HP, IBM, Intel, Sun Microsystems, Qualcomm and VMware. Zeus powers over 1 million sites across the world and provides web infrastructure solutions to over 800 customers including, BT, China Telecom, Hotel.de, NASA, PLAY.COM, Federal Railroads Administration, The Institute of Financial Services, STA Travel, Strategic Command, VNU, and Virgin Holidays.

For more information, please visit; www.zeus.com

Published on: 12:00AM on 7th November 2006