Screen Pages, the leading provider of e-commerce services, is offering Pindar Graphics digital photographic services into as a fully integrated add-on for online retailers, following its acquisition by Pindar Graphics.

Pindar Graphics has invested in a unique end-to-end digital photographic service which includes twin digital studios purpose built for catalogue and e-commerce photography, warehousing and storage during the shoot and importantly, digital proofing and remote management. Unlike many catalogue photographers, Pindar Graphics’ service is designed specifically for large-volume, remotely managed product photo-shoots.

The joint Pindar/Screen Pages service ( is a unique offering in the market and its chief benefits include:

* Faster time-to-market for online photography, because of the “one stop” integrated service
* Higher quality output, fewer errors and faster turnaround, as photographers are engaged directly with e-commerce design teams and project management
* Improved process and delivery management, including proofing, remote management as well as onsite storage/warehousing during shoots
* Better overall site design, as the service is optimised for e-commerce delivery

Preparation of potentially thousands of images and their inclusion in the e-commerce databases can take many, many days and involve many people and skills, let alone their initial photography. It is often overlooked in the rush to build new or re-designed websites, but quality photography is a proven determinant of success online.

"One of the classic pitfalls in e-commerce delivery is the preparation of high quality product and lifestyle photography: it is also one of the key issues for overall website effectiveness," explains Roger Willcocks, managing director of Screen Pages. “Retailers either have no photography, nowhere to store mass product for shoots, and spend days trying to gather, crop and optimise images for their websites. Our new end-to-end service seamlessly blends the key creative and technical skills required for successful e-commerce.”

"Pindar’s mission is to offer a wide range of value-added services to cataloguers and retailers," said David Jesson, group marketing director of Pindar. "Part of the rationale behind our acquisition of Screen Pages was our desire to integrate more pieces of the jigsaw for the client. Combining Screen Pages’ technical and online marketing capability with Pindar’s digital photographic services is the first such initiative."

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Published on: 12:00AM on 7th November 2006