The e-Learning and Blogs to Empower Bitrix Site Manager

November 15, 2006.

Users of Bitrix Site Manager can now enjoy the two new modules: e-Learning and Blogs.

With the e-Learning module, the new powerful tool of Bitrix Site Manager, you can create training courses that can also be used to examine and certify specialists. Users not only can take a course but also verify their knowledge by passing self-check tests. The certification of specialists can be done by the number of scores obtained during examination. For each user, the system maintains a gradebook – in fact, a record containing the number of scores obtained. The training courses can be exported and imported via the special standard formats: IMS Content Package and IMS QTI.

The Blogs module enables site users to keep diaries, create communities, give their views on the urgent subjects. This module is the fully functional network journal engine featuring blog and message access permission assignment; creation of unlimited number of blogs and communities; insert images in messages; view friends’ page. Each blog has a calendar allowing to view messages for a certain day. Users can also subscribe for new messages of any blog.
The strategy of Bitrix Inc. is to equip Bitrix Site Manager with absolutely all functions that a common web project may require.

All modules are tested for all possible vulnerabilities and are secure against attacks of any kind. The final test has endorsed the highest level of security of all modules of the system.

The e-Learning and Blogs modules are the part of the Professional and Enterprise editions of Bitrix Site Manager. The edition comparison chart clearly describes distinctions between the system editions:

You can survey all of the available system modules and features here:

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About Bitrix

Bitrix Inc. specializes in developing content management systems and portal solutions for managing Web projects and multifunctional information systems for maintaining commercial activities on the Internet.

The Bitrix specialists put all their efforts into developing the Bitrix Site Manager software – one single application that allows you to solve complex website creation problems.

The company was established in 1998 by a group of IT specialists. It takes leading position in the Web-development market by offering high-standard solutions for its clients and partners.

Published on: 12:00AM on 15th November 2006