smartREACTION integrates advanced analytics, campaign management and execution across all digital channels

Bristol, UK, 11 October 2006: smartFOCUS, an international vendor of enterprise marketing software, today announced the worldwide launch of smartREACTION. smartREACTION is a new solution for the analysis, management and execution of campaigns via online channels, capable of handling hundreds of millions of digital messages, including email, SMS, RSS flows and microsites.

smartREACTION is an end-to-end online marketing platform that incorporates data mining and analysis functions, automation of the communication process and real-time messaging. Paramount for the success of online communication is providing the highest rate of email deliveries. smartFOCUS works closely with the world’s largest internet service providers (ISPs) to ensure communications are not misclassified as spam, eliminating the need for clients to assume this essential but very time-consuming and costly task themselves. smartREACTION also provides performance and profitability indicators within an intuitive and practical interface.

Both industry analysts and clients are recognising the time is now right to apply the same type of segmentation and analysis to the delivery of highly targeted online communications that they have been used to in offline marketing.

Bill Marjot, chief marketing officer,smartFOCUS said: “Marketing today should no longer be confined to the indiscriminate propagation of messages via single unconnected channels. It must adapt to encompass diverse digital channels available and meet all the expectations of increasingly demanding consumers. As industry analysts like Forrester and Gartner have recognised, the results from online marketing channels are significantly improved when analysis and data mining are applied to the process.”

Marjot adds: “With our heritage in data management, analytics and campaign management, smartFOCUS is uniquely placed to help marketers achieve a step change in their online marketing performance. With smartREACTION, we are providing marketers with a solution that delivers highly targeted, segmented and dynamically personalised messages with the ability to apply sophisticated analyses and learn from the results.”

Tom Ratkovich is president of ASTECH InterMedia, the leading provider of data-driven, revenue-focused marketing automation solutions to the publishing industry, with over 50 leading publishers including Gannett, McClatchy, MediaNews Group, Morris Communications, Cox Enterprises, Copley Press, NY Times Company and The Globe and Mail (Toronto). He said: “smartREACTION offers real added value to those businesses that want to manage online marketing channels and build a complete view of customer activities online. Using smartFOCUS’s powerful marketing analytics, our clients will be able to segment their customers, build highly relevant targeted campaigns and execute them across all digital channels, achieving significantly better results than more traditional ERP solutions.”

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The smartREACTION solution integrates the following functions:

- Analysis – access to customer information contained in the database (including online purchases, preferences, qualifying criteria, and an up-to-date message and response history). With this information marketing managers can better understand customer behaviour and better target and segment messages, offers and content to improve response and conversion rates.
- Campaigning - smartREACTION’s user friendly interface offers planning and automation of campaign execution to orchestrate the circulation of personalised messages over all online channels.
- Content and message management - a platform for circulating multi-channel electronic communications, including an integrated content management system which unifies and purposes content (including the definition and management of micro web-sites) across all online channels
- Reporting – smartREACTION brings together all performance indicators, both online and offline, in Microsoft Excel. Operational management charts can be easily produced and circulated within a known and standardised environment

Available in hosted mode (ASP), licence or Mid Sourcing (onsite licence and remote mail-out infrastructure), smartREACTION is now available from the smartFOCUS retailer network.

About smartFOCUS

smartFOCUS provides software and services that enable companies to manage and coordinate marketing across multiple channels, including email, telemarketing, direct mail and display advertising. The company provides a complete portfolio of data integration, analysis, modeling, campaign planning and management, with integrated budgeting and finance solutions. The result is ‘Intelligent Marketing’, driven by a single view of the customer’s activities across all channels. Marketers can target their communications more accurately, cutting wastage, increasing conversion rates and achieving a better understanding of the customer base.

Users of smartFOCUS’s enterprise marketing management software include AAA, ABN AMRO, AC Nielsen, Avis Europe, Carrefour, France Telecom, Hilton International and News International.

smartFOCUS is headquartered in Bristol, UK, with offices in the US and continental Europe.

Published on: 12:00AM on 12th October 2006