According to Microsoft’s IEBlog, IE7 will be released this month via Automatic Update. Companies are being advised to take a risk assessment of their organisation to decide if they should globally deploy the browser.

Deri Jones, CEO of webtesters of SciVisum comments:

“IE7 may at first appear better and more standards compliant than IE6, but as it comes with almost as many bugs, overall it leaves one disappointed! IE7 fails even to catch up to where other browsers like Firefox have been for some years with their CSS and HTML support. Indeed developers will be left frustrated that Important elements of CSS 2.1 are still not handled.”

”As it looks like Microsoft have decided to push the upgrade to IE7 out through windows update within weeks of IE7’s release, this means that zillions of users are going to be upgraded without them really being aware, and the volume of calls to corporate help desks and home-user ISPs is likely to be a nightmare. Plus the pressure will really be on web developers to sort things out 'right now'.”

“Microsoft’s failure to implement a mode in IE7 that makes it display a page as if it was IE6 (and which can be triggered by code in the web page) could be short sighted."

This option would give web developers the ability to decide themselves when they're ready for IE7. If a site needs a bit of tidy up to fall in line with IE7, then it just may not be convenient for a business to address that immediately, rather than incorporate it into existing work schedules.”
“Indeed, as others have commented, it is arrogant of Microsoft to expect the internet to change and fall in line with their software and not the other way around - an error in judgment that could come back to haunt them! Particularly as news of IE7’s release could pre-empt many 'slow adopters' finally making the move to Firefox. Indeed as users can't run both IE6 and IE7 on the same PC, if you hit a site that fails using IE7 it could well prove to be the only option.”

About SciVisum:

SciVisum is a UK based web site testing specialist, helping clients to reduce lost sales online by identifying where and when user experience suffers.

The services provide vital data not available by web-analytics or other web monitoring:

* when invisible errors impact users but are invisible to the in-house teams
* when wrong or missing page content forces users to abandon their purchase journeys
* what % of marketing campaign traffic is lost due to under-capacity in one or more vital steps such as 'add to basket' or 'checkout' pages.

The company's services measure the performance and functionality of client's business-critical on-line systems. Using the multi-page User Journeys approach to measurement, SciVisum's metrics provide real time KPIs and act as a common language between the business and marketing teams who work daily with journey concepts of Add-to-Basket, Checkout, Register, pay-online, login and etc; and the web technical teams who need precise input as to which step of which journey is under-performing, when and how, in order for them to most effectively apply technical resources to close the problem gaps.

Through SciVisum's testing and recommendations, clients are able to substantially increase visitor rates and customer satisfaction levels by achieving gains in key journey delivery times, increasing ability to handle peak load levels, and reducing sporadic but user-numbing error rates of 1 to 5% that most sites un-wittingly force on their users.

Clients come from a wide range of sectors and include Tesco, Premium Bonds, Health Protection Agency, Skipton Building Society, Cameron McKenna, Boden, T-Mobile, Shell, British Library, Hertfordshire Council, Scottish & Southern Energy, Eversheds, CodeMasters, COLT, PlayMonday lottery, The Stationery Office, National Savings and Investment Bank and uSwitch.

Test deliverables include: Web Load testing /Web Stress testing: SV-Load; 24/7 website monitoring of complex multi-page User Journeys: SV-Monitor; Accessibility testing to the WAI guidelines: SV-Access; Web portal performance KPIs that can be used across an organisation from thre Dev and Opps Team to the Call Centre and Mktg/Media Buying team; and Functionality & troubleshooting audits and consultancy: SV-Function;

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Published on: 12:00AM on 11th October 2006