New funds to support intensive UK marketing drive to achieve 1 million members by end of 2007, the reward based consumer website, will this week receive a £2.5m backing from Hotbed, the private investor network

Already the sixth most visited website in Ireland and boasting 29% of the total Irish online marketing spend[1], the invested funds will be used to intensify UK marketing activity. launched successfully in the UK less than a year ago and already has over 340,000 active UK members, forecasting 500,000 by year end and 1 million by the end of 2007.

With an annual advertiser renewal rate of over 90%, has created a thriving alternative to intrusive banner and pop-up ads. Its 300-strong advertiser base includes big brands such as Carling, Dell, eBookers, Kelloggs, L’Oreal, Nestle, Nokia, Tetley and Vodafone. Advertisers can protect their brand integrity and reach receptive consumers, who in turn give them valuable feedback, otherwise only obtained through expensive market research.

Michael Dwyer, CEO and founder of comments: “’s emphasis on trust and fun has really captured the imagination of people in the UK. Hotbed’s investment allows us to build upon this - intensifying our marketing drive for UK members and building our team to grow accordingly. We invest more heavily than our competitors in recruiting members because we are looking for quality members, not just quantity. This guarantees a long-term relationship with members - another big attraction for many advertisers.” differentiates itself from other consumer websites as visitors clearly “opt in” to receive carefully targeted offers in their specified areas of interest.’s website is “junk-free” with dynamic content updated daily, and each member’s site tailored to showcase their preferred brands, features, news, tips, and competitions. Members, who are mostly 20 to 40 year old females, are offered coupons and “PiggyPoints”, a reward-based loyalty scheme, for purchases and participating in surveys. maintains a strict privacy policy, protecting their members’ personal details at all costs.

Hotbed’s Head of Private Equity, Bernard Dale, comments: “ is the first venture where consumers have been put in control of their e-mail frequency and content. is the leader in genuine permission-based marketing, and brand marketers are seeing the enormous value of this as the online advertising market becomes increasingly more crowded.”

The online display advertising market in Britain has increased by 44% year-on-year to £336m in 2005[2], dwarfing the Irish market of £6m. Online spend is thought to be rapidly closing the gap on the national press in terms of share of total advertising spend.


Editor’s notes

About is a reward-based consumer site, which has become the sixth biggest in Ireland, and has won both digital and marketing awards. The company creates successful consumers and brand partnerships: where consumers are rewarded and brands are able to reach carefully targeted audiences.

The core values of the company are based on Empathy Marketing® principles, which are: permission-based; relevance; edge; mix of hard and soft messaging; frequency of communications; messages, not adverts; and development, not technology.

This concept redefines the relationship between the brand and the consumer through trust, reward, feedback and fun - mainly in the lifestyle and entertainment arenas.

The website specialises in providing a unique marketing service in which brand messages are welcome to the target consumers, which is primarily females, aged 25-40 and in the B/C1 demographic. Its skilled team balances marketing and communications with a strong understanding of technologies and business processes. Furthermore, the company is committed to providing a quality service that is mutually beneficial to brands and consumers alike.

Current brand partners include Carling, Dell, eBookers, Kelloggs, L’Oreal, Nestle, Nokia, Tetley and Vodafone.


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[1] According to JNIR (Joint National Internet Research, Ireland)

[2] Source: Internet Advertising Bureau

Published on: 12:00AM on 16th October 2006