A desire to reduce the burden of in-house fleet administration coupled with a wish to utilise cutting-edge web-based technology to provide increased fleet management reporting has led to Smeg UK buying Jaama’s advanced driver and vehicle fleet management software.

Abingdon-based Smeg UK, a leading supplier of prestige domestic appliances, operates a leased fleet of 24 company cars and 14 HGV’s. The vehicles are managed from the company’s headquarters but located nationwide and are driven by sales reps, product trainers and delivery drivers.

Smeg UK’s assistant accountant Nicola Waite, who is also the company’s fleet manager, explained: “Before Jaama, all information on vehicles and drivers had to be logged on paper and the data had to be inputted manually into spreadsheets. Information had to be written out more than once and there was considerable duplication on files.

“That was a huge administration task. But, the problems increased if I was asked to provide information on either a vehicle or a driver as the only way I could find it was by trawling through reams of files and spreadsheets. It was becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of all aspects of the fleet.”

To ease the fleet management burden and allow Nicola to reduce the amount of time she spends handling fleet issues, Smeg UK bought Jaama’s FleetAssistant software, which is specifically designed to manage sub-250 vehicle fleets.

Nicola typically spends half of her time on fleet-related issues. She said: “Instead of ferreting through paper trying to find information I will now have my finger on the fleet operation pulse. The technology has contributed to all-round fleet and time-saving efficiencies.”

FleetAssistant is a fully hosted web based browse and click system, functionality includes: vehicle allocation and utilisation tracking, driver, vehicle and lease management, driver grade and vehicle band definition, trade up/down management, driver contributions, vehicle scheduled event tracking and reminders, servicing and maintenance management, accident and risk management, DVLA licence checking, driver risk profiling, purchase invoices control, fuel card management. It also has the ability to handle data sent by suppliers, provide management reports by exception and P11d reporting.

Jaama managing director Jason Francis said: “FleetAssistant is the most advanced driver and vehicle management software for fleets under 250 vehicles on the market. It is designed to manage cars, vans and commercial vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, achieving the optimum balance of simplicity and rich functionality.

“In companies such as Smeg UK, it is common for the role of fleet manager to be combined with other corporate responsibilities. Not only does the fleet manager’s job continue to increase in its complexity, but the explosion in electronic vehicle and driver data means that sophisticated technology is essential to manage a fleet effectively and efficiently.

“Smeg UK is a typical example of companies that contract hire vehicles but still have to manage their vehicles, drivers and duty of care on a daily basis. FleetAssistant will help not only reduce the amount of time spent on fleet administration, but will also enable detailed analysis of all aspects to help reduce operational costs and monitor and control risk.”

About Jaama
Jaama is a fleet management software and occupational road safety specialist. As a certified Microsoft® development partner, Jaama uses the latest technology to provide customers with greater integration, control and automation. It brings innovative vehicle management software to fleet operators, contract hire and leasing companies. And Jaama is the first to combine fleet management software and risk management services to help customers meet their driver health and safety responsibilities under occupational road safety regulations.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 24th October 2006